Why is it we need homework we already do five hours of work each day in school! homework is just working on more and more paper and just keeps takeing away from our precious lives and giving us more and more stress. i understand if you are getting something that you missed in late i can understand that but giving it just cause. It just adds stress to our lives this for teenagers is incredibly dangerous.

home work isnt the soul cause of all stress but it is the one thing that puts it all over the top. imagine if you will you go home and youre parents are screaming at you cause you didnt get to finish youre homework cause you had it all from each different classes that you had! theres no possible way to do it well not with all the other stuff that goes on in a teens life equals the most stressfull part in youre life. homework just isnt nice. you all know it too. you show you are able to do the work in class so what do they do? give you more! im sorry it just doesnt make any sense to me.

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