Homework and it’s Destructive Affects

Homework isn’t good for students.

Sometimes it feels like all I do is homework and studying. For what, to still get bad grades from spending way to much time on it. From my experience I have had way to much to a point where I would get home and not finish till 10 o’clock at night. First of all it can deny students from playing sports. Second it can have negative affects on our grades. Finally it affects social time.

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First of all homework has negative affects such as denying kids from playing any kind of sports which also teaches skills. It’s not all our fault at all because we spend the whole class going over and when we start it’s already time to go and we get no help. It teaches us skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. So, that means that not only homework teaches knoledge, but sports teaches skills which you also need in life (Cooper). Second it can have negative affects on our grades because we are spending such as 5 hours doing homework that we have no help on because are parents were teached different stuff then we are today. And when we started noticing how much we were doing are grades were dropping dramatically (News Day).

Last of all it affects our social time with our friends during any time of the week. Why because when we get home that is what we are doing all week even the weekend. Then we lose contact with our friends and we are not to date with whats happening (Js). Well yes I understand that we learn many important things ,but it does not need to take over are lives or our social time.