Homework Stress Free Essay Example

Every day teachers hand out homework to kids expecting them to do it once they get home and drop everything they had planned to do their homework. 86% of kids at schools at least get one missing assignment per month some have a lot more. I believe teachers should talk out what assignments before they give them out. Lots of the time teachers give out homework in every class not even caring about what the homework other teachers gave us. Just last week I was the most stressed that I have ever been in my life.

Our teacher gave us four projects to do in two weeks! I did little on the first week because I like to go outside and play with my friends. When the last week came I stopped meeting my friends, I didn’t go downstairs and out of my room to socialize with my family because I had to stay in my room and do homework. When you talk to your parents they usally say they were always outside playing but in today’s world homework stops that from kids playing. This causes obesity. The other subject I don’t like about schools is tests.

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We write words that are on the bored into our notebooks for tests and not knowing what we are writing down. The problem is some teachers think if they write something on the bored students will remember it for a lifetime. The teachers that get kids to have an A in their class are the good ones. They always teach the kids what the subject is and this makes it a lot less stressful for the students, and even the teachers. The teachers are happier about their students and their teaching ability. Teachers should learn that if a lot of students get A’s in their classes then they are doing a good job.

Some teachers think that they are doing well if they have a couple of kids working their buts off to get an A and the rest D’s and F’s. If teachers do that then only few students of that class are learning new things and the rest are failing and not being able to learn new things. If teachers of the world understood the stress of students and remember when they were little maybe they would teach kids better. When kids think what they last learned two months ago its hard because school is based off learning short term memory subjects to pass a test. I cannot remember what I learned about the Egyptians because it was all based off short term memory. Teachers need to learn to help us learn instead of writing things out of the book and making us study things we do not understand.