Hotel Project

Introduction Global Island is a pristine island in Abu Dhabi located just 30 minutes from the main airport. Its proximity to the emirates central business district makes it the preferred destination for project. The project involves the construction of a 5 star hotel resort, a shopping mall and a GPR. Global Island is undoubtedly one of the most strategic locations in Abu Dhabi.

The island is strategically placed; it can easily be accessed from all adjacent areas in Abu Dhabi. There is an elaborate road network covering the entire region. The presence of medium speed rail network around the region meant transport was further eased; this was going to be a great advantage to customers intending to tour Global Island. Since the hotel, the mall and the GPR to be built were going to be class facilities targeting high-end customers, the presence of the airport is appropriate to customers who may wish to fly in either with private or chartered flights. Design Aspects The hotel is going to be a five star hotel situated in the on the on the edge of Global Island. This will be another milestone to Abu Dhabi hospitality industry.

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The project will be one of its kind on the Island, with an impeccable modern style shopping experience. This property will redefine new principles on how to construct within a limited and busy island. The hotel will have 200 rooms on seven-storey building. Construction is scheduled to begin on 31 January 2013. The hotel capacity will be 132 double rooms, 2 executive suits, and 10 family suits.

The proposed hotel will have a building foot print size of 1500sq meters. On the other side, the hotel will also acquire beach space of about 1200sq meters (Rutes, Penner, and Adams, 2001). The hotels modern design is credited to the clear concept that customers want to experience. Architects Beglin Woods as well as an international interior design company, intend to precisely accommodate all the required amenities and facilities within a confined area. This destination essentially targets tourists and business travelers either coming or transiting through Sunshine Coast region.

The mall and the GPR will in total occupy 5 acres of land. The shopping complex will be constructed on local materials laced with international finish to give it the status that it deserves in the market. In addition, the shopping complex will have 3 floors with the topmost floor housing and international entertainment theater that will showcase international performances and movies. Destination Vision/Strategy We realized at the beginning of the project that we needed to avoid pitfalls that could lead to the project failing. We knew that if we built establish a five start hotel facility accompanied with a shopping mall and GPR in a place that was inaccessible that the project would not yield fruit.

Global Island was very accessible and thus a good choice for building the hotel. The group also took care of the factors that would affect the project in the long run. We sought to understand the scale of this project and to find out whether the hotel will be self-sustaining. We have planned in such a way that will ensure that the hotel project is finished in due time. As we looked to measure our abilities in the market as it is today, we began to evaluate numerous metrics for our investment (Margaret, 2001).

We made a decision not to rely on the pro formats that are readily available, as many of them lose sense whenever there are new investors in the market. We needed the hotel to perform well both in the long term and the short term. Global Island is a hard place to penetrate because of its high value. The reason why we chose to invest here was that we did realize that the high scales would allow us to ensure a package of amenities not provided by any other hotel in the area. We chose to build our hotel close to the beach. This particular decision was brought by our desire to capture guests who came in both for leisure and for business.

We also sought to make a statement by choosing architecture that was iconic, as well as those amenities that were tailored for an island experience. Sustainability According to Huffadine (2000), the hiring of talented candidates may require that we outsourced the services of a recruitment firm that specializes in the recruitment of hoteliers. These human resource companies are also able to find people who have the passion for the job that we require to be done. We also realize that once the right people have been hired, in-house training, mentoring, and coaching must be conducted so that the people have the skills that they need. When it comes to hotel managers, we intend to hire persons with both the right experience and professional qualifications. Apart from the expected costs of running the hotel that we have budgeted for, we have also taken care of the soft costs of running the hotel.

Such soft costs will include the costs incurred in training new employees and in marketing the hotel because we will need to make it known. The hotel will need a manager that believes in its potential and will therefore be able to make proper marketing decisions (Huffadine, 2000). This way, we are convinced the hotel will reap the profits that we have envisioned. We also intend to train the hotel manager and empower him to ensure that the hotel remains financially successful at all times of the year. We will also train our hotel directors to enable them to make use of the proper software. This software will ensure that data are ffectively monitored and strategic business decisions are made at all times.

We also intend to inculcate the proper practices for the management of revenue that will maximize the financial performance of the hotel. We have taken into account all the variables for managing a 5-star hotel on a touristic island. Before we implement our strategic plan, we intend to establish the total costs of our hotel structure. We sought to find all the information that we would need throughout the life of the project. We made an accurate analysis of the hotel industry in order to establish our chances of success. Global Island This project is about building a hotel on an island known as Global Island.

This hotel will be targeting both visitors and the local people. I intend to build a beautiful hotel where all kinds of travellers will enjoy staying, including those travelling for leisure and those looking for adventure. It will have a lot to offer to those who will choose to stay at the hotel. The hotel will be located just half an hour’s drive from an international airport. Global Island is a great place as it allows for easy access by those staying at the island to central Abu Dhabi and the business district. This location is great because the island is a popular place, where many tourists stay while in Abu Dhabi.

The Island guests get to view the serene environments. They also get a chance to experience entertainment in the United Arab Emirates. The guests staying at the hotel will have access to various malls, visit various themed entertainment venues, try out delicacies, as well as attend a well-stocked medical center where guests can get treatment in the event of medical emergency. These reasons make Global Island a prime place to build a hotel on, because many people visiting the United Arab Emirates would love to stay on the island. Many tour operators advise tourists to visit the Island in order to get a touch of life in the United Arab Emirates. The Island has many attractions and is considered the best place for an investor to build a hotel.

It is the best of all the islands in Abu Dhabi. The reason why this island is so famous is the fact that the environment is quiet and peaceful.Hotel Features The hotel will be different form the other hotels on the Island because of its different style. We intend to place this particular hotel at the very top of the luxury hotel market not just in the United Arab Emirates but also all over the world. The hotel will give the guests the feeling of being at home even though they are away, the feeling that guests will not find anywhere else on the island.

The hotel will have free-flowing spaces that will allow guests to drift into a quite peaceful place. The hotel rooms will have large comfortable beds, a well-lit dressing room, a bath that is open-air, as well as a garden rain shower. Other amenities will include a private plunge pool, a steam room, a dining sale, and lush gardens. There are also hardwood decks especially for those looking for a romantic holiday on the Global Island of Abu Dhabi. There will also be surprises for guests at every corner while they are staying at the hotel. The focus of the hotel will be to showcase the culture of the people of the United Arab Emirates in every way.

The quality of services offered will be of the highest standards and attention will be given to detail. There will have to be a difference between the services offered at this hotel and the services offered at other hotels on the same Island. The guests need to have the confidence in that they will always get the very best of service. The guests need to be assured that, while staying at the hotel, they will be in the hands of experts. This gives them the knowledge that their experience at the hotel will be sublime. While on the Island, the guests will be able to engage in various activities, including free-diving, scuba diving, water-skiing, fishing, jet skiing, diving, pool swimming, sailing, and open water swimming.

There are also luxurious spas on the island where the guests can get nice treatment. The hotel will provide transportation both into and out of the island for guests who decide to stay at the hotel. Guests should have the choice of either renting a car, using boats or helicopters. There are two helicopters that service the Global Island – one flies passengers to Abu Dhabi, while the other can be used by those who wish to tour the Global Island and other islands in Abu Dhabi. The island also has a Security Centre, which assures the safe sojourn of the guests.

A small medical center will also provide medical services whenever required. The Demand for Elements of Tourism In order to understand Global Island as a tourist attraction and destination, it is important that all possible gaps in development be identified. This calls for a close analysis of all the tourist attractions available on Global Island. We focused on the diverse products of tourism that could currently be found on this island. We divided the resources available into two main categories: that of heritage and natural origins.

The demands of tourism determine to a large extent the success of a hotel, especially in a place like Global Island. In order to forecast whether or not our hotel will be successful, we decided to look at the demand for and supply of tourism elements such as culture, wildlife, and water activities (Huffadine, 2000). One of the main attractiions of this island is the fact that it has an unpolluted and unspoiled environment, something that is unique to it. Guests staying at the hotel will be able to enjoy a number of exciting and adventurous activities. This is because the island has a vast collection of nature-based attractions.

We realized that the island has a huge potential for water-based activities that couples and even families can enjoy while on vacation. On the cultural front, we also found out that the people on Global Island have a rich past that the tourist may find of interest. The people have interesting myths and stories which those tourists would love to hear. We plan to have a trained tour guide on site who will tell guest about the myths and legends of the people of Global Island. In addition, we identified a gap in the tourism transportation sector, where currently the Island lacks a central organization that transports tourists who come to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

For this reason, it will be important for our hotel to also give guests the choice of having us organize a proper means of transport for them. There is also a gap in as far as the tour guides for the islands are concerned. We noticed that the few tour guides available are not really well trained. It will therefore be our top priority to train our members of staff in tour guiding. This will also allow for an alternative revenue source for the organization (Baker, 2000). Our tour guides can also be hired by other hotels or tour operators that do not already have their own tour guides.

We do not, however, intend to hire the tour guides on a permanent basis. We intend to train them and keep their details in our database only to be used when necessary. We have also identified a gap in the wildlife department. Wildlife viewing will be an integral part of the attractions to Global Island. Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder analysis involves the process of identifying those interest groups that exist in the hotel industry. We sought to find those individuals or firms that that we thought would contribute to the success of our project.

We identified these key stakeholders and did an appraisal of the way these people were able to influence our success in the hotel industry in the Global Island. This analysis was aimed at setting the goals and roles for these interest groups. This was also to establish ways through which business would be done with the individuals. These would result in the formulation of rules of engagement that would govern the relationship between the managers at our hotel and other firms that operate within the hotel industry. Due to the fact that tourism services are fragmented in nature, the service providers are required to cooperate with one another from time to time if they are to profit from the industry.

Transport providers have to collaborate with tour operators, who also have to cooperate with hoteliers. Stakeholders are the people or the interest groups or even those institutions that are involved with the tourism industry at Global Island. These people are capable of influencing the services offered on the Island, the products sold, the growth of the hotel industry, the prices of these products and services, and ultimately the competitiveness of the industry. There are two types of stakeholders, namely primary stakeholders and secondary stakeholders.Rutes, Penner, & Adams (2001) believe that the primary stakeholders usually are closely aligned to the industry while the secondary stakeholders are not so closely aligned to the industry.

Sometimes these groups do not know that they are stakeholders in the tourism industry and feel like they own the whole thing. Due to the fact that there are different types of stakeholders, there are also different ways of handling the relationship with the various stakeholders (Rutes, Penner, & Adams, 2001). In our case, stakeholders include client groups, suppliers, tour operators, and transport companies. It is important to identify the different characteristics of the various stakeholders that the hotel will need to deal with. The interests of all stakeholders must be taken into consideration and mechanisms for conflict resolution must be found in case stakeholders fail to agree. We also intend to work in collaboration with other hoteliers in an effort to make Global Island a tourist destination of choice for tourists who choose to visit the United Arab Emirates and particularly Abu Dhabi.

These stakeholders, when brought together in harmony, are able to influence the industry to great heights. Conclusion As a group, we appreciate the fact that hotel, mall and GPR design is a subject that involves the establishment of an environment where guest can be received and provided with necessary services and do shopping. The services would include facilities for rest, recreation, shopping and respite from their exhaustive schedules in exchange for payment to the host. By estimate, hotel design may only cost less than 20% of the entire construction cost. However, it is believed that good site selection and attractive interior experience may leverage up to 70% of total revenue (Schwanke, 1997).

It is common to hear most people describe a hotel by describing its location, nice views of the mountains or the beach from the balcony or room. This signifies that, apart from the fantastic interior setup and exceptional service, the location and availability of shopping facilities of the facility is equally paramount. A comprehensive background survey for hotel, mall and GPR development and design should be perfectly analyzed when setting up a hospitality facility.