How Much Is Too Much?: A Kid's Life with Overbearing Assingments and Stress

Okay, if you came here to see who my crush is don’t bother wasting your time, I’m here to go on my rant about homework since for once in my life I have free time. If anyone in my school reads this I want you to show this to our teachers Kay? Okay rant begin. So everyone says how homework is extremely helpful and will help learn the material taught better. I’m here to say that from my experience and opinion this is 100 % UNTRUE. Half of my homework is stuff we never even covered in class! And then when the teachers ask why I didn’t get a 90% I respond with a “Ummmm..

. We never learned this.” And then they respond saying all the other students did fine and had “no trouble at all” even though they never asked any of the students. To me, homework is just a bucketful of stress in a sheet that can’t grow up and solve its own math problems. Right now, I am in depression because my family calls me a bit** for not spending time with them, because of my homework. And then my grades slip and they yell at me for that.

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And then I’m up at 11 pm doing my homework and they yell at ME saying for me to finish it up. So yeah because of hoemwork, my grades are slipping, and I have had to bring down my sports to once a week, possibly on a weekend at 8 am now. Stress can lead to many things like: Depression, Acne, weight problems, trouble concentrating, trouble sleeping, anxiety, pain (headaches) and even memory problems. Some homework is okay, like maybe a half an hour a night to refresh your brain on what you learned in class and remember it for tomorrow. But at this point, I am getting on average 5 hours of homework a night, and then normally some sort of long term project that takes a week or so, that is due over the weekend ( AKA 2 DAYS!).

Studies have shown that a little homework is okay, but after a certain point, it becomes bad and starts to have a negative view point on learning, which is exactly what has happened to me. How much is too much? There are a lot of reasons for this title, how much stress, homework, etc. This is just my opinion on these ankle weights us students are forced to wear day and night called homework.