How to Fix Education for the New Teacher/Principal

Right now in America we are having a very big problem with education, now this is my humble proposal as a High School Student, I see no reason why anyone would disagree with this, but if you do disagree with this then I will accept your opinion because this is a HUMBLE proposal not a arrogant one, so Let me stop rambling and explain how America can fix education. STEP ONE The first thing that America should do is spend less money on fancy school supplies, students are spoiled.

Why do they deserve the newest dry erase boards? No good old fashioned chalk boards work, it’s 2015 and chalk boards are still cool! Also what’s all of this stuff I hear about some schools getting air conditioning for the summer time and better heat for the winter? You go to school to learn not to be comfortable, if you want to be comfortable stay home. WHY THIS STEP WORKS This will teach students not to be so spoiled, and not to be so comfortable. This will push you out of you comfort zone and that is the best for you! NOT A STEP. Standardized Test are for genius’s If a student passes a big Standardized test such as the HSA they should be treated like they’re smarter then everyone who failed because they clearly are. Standardized test where created by genius’s for students, let’s face the facts some of your students aren’t smart enough to pass these exams and constantly retake, I hate when people say schools should offer more practice for these test. Why should schools have to give extra classes to prepare you for a standardized test?That’s not there job.

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It’s your job as a student to practice and study for this test. Who cares ifyou would be better prepared with a prep class? Who cares if your school makes the silly mistake of forgetting to sign you up for a prep class, you as a student need to be prepared for any and everything. STEP Two Being in classes that you already have the credit for makes you smarter and that’s ok. So what if your middle school offered you a credit for the class and you passed it? Sometimes your school doesn’t have any other class to offer you and that’s ok. It’s good to take the same classes over it only makes you smarter.

It’s tedious you say? Well school isn’t suppose to be exciting if it was exciting then you would be comfortable and you already know how I feel about that, So lets say that you’re taking a pointless class that you’ve already passed like probability and statistics for a semester, but you have a algebra HSA coming up in less then a month, and you feel like you’re wasting your time in a class that you passed already when you could be in algebra two getting ready for your algebra HSA, well WHO CARES! Get ready with on your own time. WHY THIS WORKS It’s simple really taking the same classes only makes you smarter. STEP THREE Talk about firing teachers in frontof students. Teach the scholarssome responsibility and show them how a real boss does it. If you are the principalof a school and the geometry teacher asks you to watch his advisory while he runs to the bathroom, talk about him say under your breathe that he doesn’t give the students anything to do, that he’s lazy and not good enough for your school(even though it’s under your breathe say it loud enough so some students won’t hear) and talk about how it won’t happen again next year WHY THIS WORKS This works because it will teach the scholars how the real world works. A real boss doesn’t always need to be professional, sometimes all a real boss needs to be is a bully, bullys thrive in the real world always remember that.

STEP FOUR Intimidate your students with school police. Do I really need to explain this step? Lets say you have a student who previously had some problems, but he’s trying to turn himself around, here’s what you do to keep him on a good track. You as the principal walk down the hallway with a school police officer and you look into the class room with the officer and you two just stare at him for a good thirty seconds that will teach him to keep up his good behavior. You don’t like him personally? Well that’s just too bad, you have to help him no matter what because he goes to your school and you have to show him that at the end of the day you still care WHY THIS WORKS This works because intimidation is the best way to learn a lesson, and in his case he’s learning how to keep up his good behavior, rewarding students never works”beat the Rod punish the child” STEP FIVE THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP SUSPENSION IS KEY! The best way to punish a student with bad behavior is by keeping them from doing what they love most, learning! Suspending them teaches them that learning is a privilege that can sometimes be taken away from them, a suspension is like having your soul cleaned you return with a new perspective on things! Who cares if they do something small like stay in the hallway for a minute longer then theyshould SUSPEND THEM, who cares if you’re not sure if they did what other says they did SUSPEND THEM. They should suspended for everything, then when they come back they will love to learn, they will be cleansed of there bad behavior, they will be what I call a born again student.

WHY THIS WORKS Simple its the cure to bad behavior.