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However the new CAD system was plagued with problems such as non-user friendly user interface, software bugs, user Issues of adapting to new technology, inadequacy of user training, Increased difficulty In Issuing the Code 9 commands, patrol officers needing longer time to find out whether a person they have stopped has a violent criminal and system crash Just two days after the system went live.

According to the case study and the Santa Clara County Call Grand Jury report none of the above Issue (that cause the failure of the new CAD system) were due to hardware but majority of them were directly related to the application software and the design of the system.

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(E. G. Code 99 command Issue, system crash, nonuser friendly interface etc. ) The other major issue was relating to the lack of training.

That is why Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury recommended that in future IT project developments City of San Jose management should mandate that representatives from all levels affected by the IT project be included in every stage of specification, development and deployment.