² believe Free Essay

I believe that everybody is different and special. I believe that everybody who came from different countries bring something new and interesting to the community.

I believe that everybody needs an opportunity to show the people that form this country what they know or what they think. I came from a another country, Mexico and I have been living here for almost three years and I have learned a lot of things from this country like a new language, new traditions or different activities that I didn’t know. In addition, I met people from other countries that showed me how were their lives before they came here, and met people from different parts of Mexico that also showed things that I did not know before. Families are one of the most valuables things that every single human can have. I believe that every family is unique no matter the country they came from or the color they are.

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For example, my family is united, and we always are supporting every member, in every situation. My family is united in the happy moments and in the hardest situations that we can have. I know that families are different in every country, but I know that no matter where families are like mine special, unique and united. In my country, we have a lot of fun. I believe that every country is different, but also is like others because the have different holydays and manners to celebrate them. For example, in my country we one of the most important celebrations are quinceaneras.

We celebrate them with our parents, friends and other people. This is important, especially for girls because is when we are freer to go to parties and go to other places with our friends. When you are there, you can hear the music and you can see people dancing. I know that every country have a distinct way of way of celebrate the holydays, but I also know that every holyday is fun no matter how or where we celebrate them. Food is what every body needs to survive.

I believe that food from all countries is delicious. We all enjoy different tastes and flavors from different types of food. Every food is delicious and different. No matter what it has because, every ingredient contributes with a flavor and a taste. In Mexico, there are parts of the city where you can smell and see different kinds of food, different shapes and colors and everything is delicious. Everybody can enjoy the same family, the same holydays or the same food.

I believe that no matter what color, religion, culture or country you are, you can show to other people what you know because everybody in this world has virtuous and defects but with something to show and with something new to learn. This is what I believe.