Indoor Recess

I think that indoor recess is not a good thing for children because it does not help them develop physically and stay healthy. Is it the truth? Yes, because staying inside as opposed to running around outside in the fresh air does not give children the benefit of becoming healthier or developing physically.

Is it fair to all concerned? No, because it is not fair that children be denied exercise and playing with their friends. This will also result in children being hindered in their physical and social development. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? No, because children will not be able to interact with each other as well as to meet new people in a playground-friendly setting. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? No, because children, by being denied the right to go outside, do not get exercise and the opportunity to interact with each other. Therefore, they will not develop well physically and socially and will become unhealthy.

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Also, the children don’t have a chance to use up all of their stored-up energy. Therefore, they tend to be a little crazy for the afternoon teachers. I’m sure most teachers would prefer to have the kids run outside at lunchtime. And I also think that, during cold and flu season, it’s good to have the kids get fresh air and a little space from each other to help keep sickness from spreading. In conclusion, these are some of the reasons that I think indoor recess is a bad thing for children.