Interests realization.

So let me get this straight first.

This is not exactly an article about my college or school. Its something related to my career choice.So I am a girl of 16 who chose to take up Science faculty after my 10th grades. Boy,I was so wrong.Now, seven months later I have realized that Science is a subject all goobledygook to me.I wish i could have opted for arts.

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I am surely planning to change my field after my 12th boards.Its just that i want to pass on this message to people out there. There are surely many students like me who might be feeling the same.Its never to late to make the right decision.Get to know your interests and specialize in that as a major.Don’t worry about how much you get paid in that career.

Ultimately, what matters is self-satisfaction and not money.Realize your worth guys.Your interests and talents matter.