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The Lauren Enterprises: The Job Route is currently situated at First Canadian Place 37th Floor Suite 6. The offices house one development server, three stationed laptops, three macbookpros, one iphone, one generic cellphone, and one laserjet printer. In addition there is other stationery material such as; printing paper, office supplies, writing materials, complement cards, glue, and pencils that the business needs to run effectively. The personnel included in the premises of the Lauren Enterprises include; the President/CEO, the Systems Architect, and three assistants. Who work hand in hand to ensure the business runs efficiently.

The developed website i.e. gives more contact information where users can ask their queries through filling their information and their queries which are responded to by the respective departments. The departments include; sales, administration, webmaster, abuse and investor relations.

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The phone number can be used by clients to reach customer service and their questions addressed accordingly.Any questions, comments, complaints, complement, and/or need for assistance may be channeled to the snail mail 100 King St W Suite 3700 Ontario, Canada M5X 1K7; where they will be attended to efficiently and in time.The Lauren Enterprises is the best firm with the best website in human resource and development which offers and guarantees quality, efficient and user friendly services to its customers when they use the Job Route brand.The field of human resource has a very huge potential especially in the era of technology, the field’s potential if tapped could lead to huge profits and numerous benefits. Lauren Enterprises in its vision to launch the website aimed to tap the potential of human resource as the people and firms sought to seek and search for each other. The website would acts as a link to the two parties and the way they can be able to develop themselves career wise or business wise. aimed to out match its competitors such as & who were the prime sources of information regarding human resource development that included employment (Thomas, 2008). The plan was specifically to build on their achievements and success of their software upgrades through making specific user friendly changes that would be more appealing to customers due to its efficiency.The main attraction to the website was the high unemployment rates and the increased use of the internet to search, find and apply for jobs on the part of the employee and as a tool for human resource and development for the human resource managers of companies to improve their employees’ skills and eliminate redundancy.Necessity is the mother of invention and thus the website aims at mapping career paths that are founded on the real world resumes. These resumes are introduced to the site by members where they can edit them while employees can add jobs to advertise on the openings, academic requirements experience and deadlines of the chances. The information entered is analyzed by the system and new paths between job titles and careers are established.

The career paths created are found at which shows the preferred representation i.e. 2D or 3D chosen by the user.

The representation shows a chain and development process of what the applicants pursued before they had their current title and consequently what they achieve after leaving the position. This ensures that the user can establish a progressive growth or pattern of their careers and better still know what may be in store for them in their field of employment.Herbert, 2009 in the article “TechRadar: For Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals: Software-As-A-Service” notes that Software as a Service (SaaS) is increasingly being adopted by many firm’s application approaches, and also in sourcing and vetting managers. The SaaS are swiftly being used in making inquiries, purchasing, consultation, and agreements that go on between the employer and the prospective employee. This swift change in techniques of human resource from manual means to technological methods i.e.

SaaS need to be tapped due to their potential for achievement and success. This means that when a firm gets to know a user friendly and extensively resourceful site they will adopt it for their sourcing hence high visiting of the website for both the employee and firm (Thomas, 2008).Data from Forrester Research Inc shows that firms are increasingly tapping the potential of SaaS as years progress; this translates to a potential that if well tapped would ensure growth and sustainability of any business. The potential in human resource management include in recruiting, performance management, employee services, and talent management, where they are applied to mange human resource progression from the time the firm is hiring to the time the employees retire or resign (Johnson, & Davis, 2008). They operate as an off premises and pay as you go that replaces the old system of on premises and custom fabricated HR result.

The rate of employment has continued to increase steadily and as the Monster Employment Index explores the U.S. online employment demand for 13 consecutive months it indicates; 119, 120, 119, 115,114, 124, 125, 133, 134, 141,138, 136, and 138 for the months of September 09, October 09, November 09, December 09, January 10, February 10, March 10, April 10, May 10, June 10, July 10, August 10, and September 10 respectively. This represented an eight out of 20 increase in online job sector where 10 out of the 23 occupations were surveyed (Monster Employment Index, 2010).An effective SaaS will be able to breakdown obstacles and allow expansion to new applications segments, be able to handle the entire cycle from hiring, deployment resource development and firing, and be able to integrate business principles easily with little or no help at all from software professionals. This is the business line adopted by view of the fact that the business is still establishing itself there is no intention to pursue a full complement of staff, before the appropriation of client in the business. However, it is important that a skeleton team of professional advisors be set up before starting the business prior to start of business so as to avoid rushing when they are required. The established team of professional advisors was as follows: an Attorney, Accountant, Insurance Agent, JavaScript/CSS Programmer, Media Assistant, and a Media Freelancer.The product is which is a website ( that deals in human resource management and resourcing for firms and companies. It also deals with career development and employment search for prospective employees. The website provides the user with a way to map the paths they have been through in their careers, where they are and where they are going to. The mapping is done in 2D and 3D by the software to establish a progressive trend in the career of individuals.

Numerous job openings are listed on the website i.e. their description, skill requirement and tasks.The Job Route website is powered by Gossamer that has been a next generation web platform that has been applied in developing of customized and multi-device web applications rapidly. Dexter is used to generate the XSL of Job Route; Dexter is as open source description instrument allowing XSL to be generated directly from html documents.

The target markets for this website are students, new entrants, job seekers and career changers. The career changers are further categorized in to employed, seeking professional improvement and laid off and displaced looking for re-entry. The students are targets since they have a great potential of providing the website with future growth since they will be future job seekers. They are also involved in searching for internships and more so they need advice and information regarding career which will be inclusive in the website. New entrants will be the clientele that will keep the website running since they will visit it regularly so as to find jobs to build a career.

They will also get advice on which career path to follow so as to achieve their aspired profession.Career changers who are employed will be seeking to identify ways of identifying a better paying career or means to enrich their profile. Those seeking professional improvement will visit the website to identify the chances available on their career line while they establish a path that leads to a better future. Persons that are laid off and displaced looking for re-entry will get information on the possible chances that are available to bounce back to a vibrant career that would be either as a consultant or Chief Executive Officers. Creating the career paths for the resumes posted will be most helpful to the users of the site in that they will be shaping their desired future and this will be a strong marketing strategy.

The employers too will be targeted since they are the ones who will provide the vacant opportunities to be filled by the job seekers, students and career changers. The employers will be searching for the best talent that fits their desired qualifications for a task; the employers will include the managers, owners and professionals. Other markets will be identified as growth and expansion increases and when the full business cycle is developed so that all challenges learnt are incorporated (Thomas, 2008).The pricing power will depend on the current market trends and values; this means that the number of users and visitors to the website will be crucial in designing the price of the services. Market dynamics where the demand is more than supply make the prices shoot up while demand is lower as compared to supply then prices may go down (Hamerman, et al.

2008).The more the users and visitors the higher the rates charged. Establishing a good reputation in the industry and a favorable word of mouth will help sustain the business; this will be from quality services, continued innovation and a product that is user friendly at all times. The services provided will be affordable pegging on the negotiated and garnered bonuses with principal Canadian media suppliers which include; CTV $250,000(gr), CHUM $50,000 (gr), CBC $50,000 (gr), Airtime $100,000 (gr). Coupled together the above factors will ensure a perfect degree of pricing.