Project Proposal for a Wholesale Engine

This project proposal is for a wholesale engine distributing line through the website.

The title of this proposal is EngineTech. From research, it is evident that most customers order engines from the website. With the 30-minute interview time, much of it will go to interview a person who is currently undertaking this project then the remaining time is a buyer of these products to get the market scope of these engines. It has been a long-term desire to find out ways how one can empower and enrich self. With enough capital, one can undertake this project and make much profit out of it. This enables one to be self-enriched and empowered.

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One can undertake the various contracts as stated below. The project involves certain procedures. To facilitate the engine transactions, the use electronic signatures that are legally recognized, and the nature of these negotiations is mainly electronic. This project of purchasing engines is tricky and requires much keenness. It involves many risks up to a great number of losses. Market choices that exist need much information.

Once one esablishes a contract, he should gather a lot of information, like about its interests, if they conform to the government legal requirements. On the other hand, the other party needs to understand the details that a given contract entails, the taxation information, and all the other necessary information about it.Another factor to consider in forming contracts is developing something that is acceptable to the seller and the government too. This entails much communication between the other party and the seller to exchange information. This is to ensure the reaching of a common agreement.

The information of the products reaches the buyer and gives information on the intent to sell and the seller gives the vice versa that is the intent to buy. After the contract reaches the executor stage implementation takes place based on the decision reached after enforcement. The goods are then delivered to the other party, and due payments made. This information proves that this project is truly workable and can be done by anyone who has undergone the respective training. With all this information, the project can be set up and is workable.

The information gathered can be ggiven people who are intending to start such a project for it can be used in their planning. Two people are to be interview. The first is Robert Mills, the sole proprietor of He is one of the few people who have undertaken a similar project as this of distributing engines.

From recent reports and interviews, Robert ideally is a keen and charismatic businessperson. The interview occurs via the internet. The second interviewee is Hudson Knowles the Managing Director of Stonreds Spares and Hardwares, who is a frequent buyer of engines in wholesale. He should explain the market of these engines sold through the internet, the advantages and disadvantages of this process.The problems that are likely to be encountered in undertaking this project are a few. First it is quite time consuming to collect data about this proposal.

Following this time consumption, the time limit was short hence limited research took place. It is also a challenge to merge the availability and schedule of the interviewees to the interviewers. The distance was not a hindrance for most of the information acquired was through the internet.