Target Corporation – Advertising on Search Engine

In the recent years the field of advertising has undergone some important changes especially with emergent of internet marketing. Many companies are opting for internet marketing given its popularity and ability to attract large number of traffic. Internet marketing has resulted to emergent of what is known as search engine advertising.

Search advertising is a strategy where one places an online advert on various web pages that tend to show the result from a perspective of search engine query. There are a number of strategies that can be used by a marketer to place an advert in a search engine. The strategy to be used largely depends on the nature of the advert and the targeted audience. There a number of approaches that can be employed to reach to the targeted corporations by maximizing through search engine advertisement. First, keyword analysis and research method can be used to reach to the targeted corporations through search engine advertisement.

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This approach involves three stages which includes one ensuring that the site created can be incorporated through indexing it into the search engine in question (Rosso & Bernard, 2010). Secondly, finding the most popular as well as relevant keywords for the products being advertised and th site and finally, the keywords chosen are used to convert and generate traffic on the site in question. Therefore, while applying this approach Target Corporation will create a website which has the ability to be indexed in the search engine in use. Then Target Corporation will find the relevant keywords that relates to the product that I intended to advertise in the site to reach to the targeted corporations (Xiang, Bing, Rob and Daniel, 2010).Finally, using the keywords developed target corporation will generate as well as convert traffic that will use in the website in question.

There is a second approach that Target Corporation can also use to advertise my products in the search engine. The approach is known as Website popularity and saturation. The method entails choosing a website that is popular in the search engine and placing an advert in that website. In order for one to know which site is popular it is important to look at the number of pages related to the site that have been saturated on the search engine and the number of back links that the search under review has. This approach requires that the page created contain keywords that the audience is looking for and ensuring that their ranking is high in the search engine rankings.

Using this approach Target Corporation will go to the search engine and look for websites that are popular. Their popularity will be determined by the number of pages that the site under analysis has in the search engine. For instance, Target Corporation will look for site with huge traffic for me to pace my advert in that site. This means that site has the ability to attract huge traffic (Chadwick & Terry, 2005). A search advertisement should be in a position to attract huge traffic.

If the site has the ability to search huge traffic that means the audience targeted is able to get the required information about the product being advertised.Target Corporation will use a combination of the two methods to place my adverts in the search engine. The first method will be appropriate in cases where Target Corporation will be forced to develop their own advertising site. It will be effective in this case as it will provide the guidelines on how to put my site on the various search engines available. On the other hand, the second method will be used when Target Corporation will be placing on their adverts in the existing sites and will go for the saturated and most popular site while placing on their adverts in the search engine for the targeted audience to view.