Advertising Strategy

Advertising has a major influence on everyday life. Advertisers use advertisements to persuade people to buy their product and service. Now not only adults are the targets of advertising, but also children have become their targets. They create and use plenty of techniques to promote their product to children.

Advertisers use three main techniques to create effective advertisements. They are role model, using cartoon characters and amazing toys. Role models are a very popular technique targeting children, which used by advertisers.

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The term ‘role modes’ refers to advertisements which have a child who is a little older and a little more perfect than the target audience use or play with the product. The role models for what the advertiser wants children in the target audience to think they want to be like.

An example of this technique is one sour milk advertisement, which lets a beautiful and tall girl drink and praise the sour milk. Another technique targeting children, which is widely used by advertisers, is the use of cartoon characters.

Cartoon characters are some visual characters which like people, animals and plants. Some of these characters are already well-known to children from reading comics, books or watching cartoons. For example, the use of superman to advertise superman kit which also claims you can be swift and powerful like superman himself. Then the children buy the kit because they want to be powerful and swift like the superman.

The final technique targeting children is amazing toys, which is used in the toys advertisement.

Amazing toys is a kind advertising technique that many toy commercials show their toys in life-like fashion, doing incredible things. For example, Airplanes do loop-the-loops and cars do wheelies, dolls cry and spring-loaded missiles hit gorillas dead in the chest. The purpose of this technique is persuading children to buy the toys through the incredible things. An illustration of this is toy train which can run in the air and under the water.

Of course, this advertisement did not tell the truth, but it is very effective to children.