iPods in School Free Essay

Music’s blaring in his ears. He taps his pencil against his desk and stares blankly at the worksheet the teacher gave him. There’s a test tomorrow and he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Sure, he could have been listening to the review game that’s being played, but he is too busy listening to his favorite artist. Deciding against listening studying, he ducks his head and continues to shuffle through the music on his IPod.

Stated above is a world that foolishly allowed children the right to use IPods during school hours. As you can see, the example child seems distracted, unable to independently make choices, and cannot ever hear his teacher above the noise provided by the IPod. I believe we should not allow children to use their IPods in school. Why not? The children may argue. First of all, IPods used in school are a huge distraction. Children just can’t listen to two noises at once.

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In a study conducted by top proffessors in the world this point is clearly made. This study showed that 75% of children worked less efficently when listening to music. This is proved that the loss of concentration is due to the music. On the other hand, music just isn’t distracting because it makes noise. It can also be widely distrating because people want to understand what the singer is saying. Personally, I have experienced this.

While listening to music in class, I find myself spending more time trying to decifer what is being said and less time doing my work. Listening to music causes a staggering drop in efficency. Studies have shown up to a 50% efficently loss. Loss of efficentcy is not how we want to prepare children. With enough distractions in the world, efficentcy loss is the last thing we need. Still claim you are actually twice as efficent while listening to music? Well, did you know that letting the children have the choice to listen to music has another downfall: children are just too young to make independant choices.

Why do you think the youth isn’t allowed to vote? Reality has many good examples of the youth making choices on their own and the consequences they faced later on. Pregent teens, dead children, you name it! Studies clearly display that children can’t be trusted with something as important as their education. For example, 99.9% of children say they have faced many times in their schooling career that they wish they would have listened to an adult about. This includes things like studying for tests and doing homework.

And this is without the distraction of music! With music, we would have yet another device to help us drown out the pleads of our parents and teachers. The yputh of this world needs guidence from our elders… we can’t damage theor education like that. Finally, if all that still doesn’t have everyone convinced, this will.

The odvidous fact that you can’t hear your teacher with the music blasting in your ears is too true to deny. If we can’t hear our teachers, we can’t learn. no instructions, lessons, or hints for that upcoming test will be able to reach us, resulting in diastorous grades. How can we learn without our teachers’ lessons? How would we know what we are doing? We couldn’t and we wouldn’t. Sometimes, the answers to these topics like listening to music in school are more logical then you think: with music playing, no one can hear the theacher.

I know I have experienced many times like this, and I know first hand how much I was missing. We want the kids to leatn, not vice versa. For all the reasons stated above and a million more leads to the correct statement that kids shouldn’t be able to use their IPods in school. It distracts them, they can’t make indepenent decisions, and they can’t even hear their teacher above the distracting enviroment music creates. Protect the children’s education, and don’t let the average kid become a mirror of the horror child that I created in the begining.