Free Essay on School Uniforms

In school, you’re supposed to express yourself, right? One of the most popular ways students express themselves is by the way they dress. Clothing can express individuality. It’s what sets us apart from each other.

It’s one of the few free choices we have within reason. What if the school required uniforms? No one would be able to use clothing to express themselves and their creativity. We would all be the same. Clothes can also help express certain opinions or beliefs, even someone’s culture. It’s kind of like freedom of speech.

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Our clothes can portray our values and morals. Everyone can live with the rules about being appropriate but uniforms would just cause rebellion. Students would not obey and would wear their normal clothes. The music and arts programs are getting taken out of schools because of budget cuts; students will have that many fewer opportunities to express themselves. As long as clothing is not offensive or derogatory to others, students should be allowed to wear what they want.