Is College for Everyone?

One thought plaguing the minds of my classmates and I is college.

The only thing we can think about is acceptance letters, financial aid, and scholarships. Requesting transcripts, sending test scores, and submitting applications seems like the only thing my friends and I talk about anymore. Deciding which money-sucking institution will be our home for the next four years is one of the most stressful decisions I hope we’ll ever have to make. Despite all this pressure, I plan to pursue college and continue my education. But I think our society places far too much pressure on doing so.

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I know a lot of people who really don’t enjoy school and would much rather do anything else than spend another four years writing papers and taking tests. However, the idea to forgo college is a borderline felony to some adults. Our teachers, counselors, and parents are all just trying to help do what’s best by pushing us towards college. But who says college is for everyone? I believe that the idea of not going to college should stop receiving gasps and dirty looks from adults. As long as you are doing something productive, may that be trade school or a job, it should be accepted to make plans other than college. It’s not for everyone and people should accept that and not put those who don’t pursue it.