Is Dissection Necessary?

Over 6 million animals are killed each year for academic inquiry. Frogs are most commonly used, but other animals including cats, fetal pigs, rats and snakes are also used.I do not like the idea of animals being raised solely for the purpose of dissection.

I am in eighth grade this year, and in social studies we learned a disturbing fact–next year if we do dissections in biology or any other science class, I could be flunked for refusing to dissect an animal. I know that I will not want to dissect anything. Besides making me squeamish, most of the animals that are used for these classes are bred for the purpose of dissection.I believe this is cruel and inhumane. I hope that when I am in high school I can try and change this. I would like Montana to pass a bill that will allow students to opt out of dissection and have science classes only purchase animal parts from slaughter houses or other places where the animals is already going to die.

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Many states are passing bills that allow students to complete alternative work in science if they are opposed to dissection. My state has not passed, or even begun to think about, writing a bill like that. However laws like these have already been enacted in California, Florida, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. Without such a law, those of us who are opposed to dissecting animals, can, and probably will, face problems with sanctions or lowered grades. With advancements in technology, it is no longer necessary to teach using dissections.

My former science teacher now uses video and computer applications to simulate dissection.While some scientists and teachers believe that looking at the “real thing” is the only way to impart knowledge, I think this is no longer the case. There are many alternative ways of learning how to dissect.It is not necessary to kill millions of animals for students to learn anatomy and physiology. I would like to see a bill passed in all states that allows alternative modes of learning to dissections.We need to give animals as humane lives as possible, and raising them for the purpose of middle and high school science is both inhumane and unnecessary.Please so that my beliefs and the beliefs of other students can be respected.