Is school expendable?

In some countries, such as the USA, Canada, England and Mexico, homeschooling is a very common decision that parents make concerning their children. In Brazil it is not that common.

However, in the last three years the number of children who don’t go to school increased a lot. Today there are more than a thousand children learning at home in Brazil. These parents who choose not to send their kids to school, believe that homeschooling in the best option because, at home, they can supervise everything their kids are learning, and some even say that, by learning at home, the kid will become autodidact. But, first of all, homeschooling is not legal in Brazil yet. There is a project which is trying to make it legal, but still several families have already been sued for teaching their kids only at home. And, in my opinion, every child should go to school because there they will be in touch with other kids and they will learn to respect the differences.

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Besides that, if homeschooling becomes legal in Brazil, it will occupy the role of school in society.