Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario in Canada. He is the son of Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette. His mother was only 17 when she found out she was having Justin. His parents split and Pattie raised Justin on her own.

Growing up his mother noticed her son’s interest in music. At the age of four Justin could play drums. At the age of 12 he entered a talent show at school and placed in second. Pattie posted a video of that performance along with others of Justin singing on Youtube. Talent agent Scooter Braun got Justin an audition with Usher.

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Usher helped Justin get signed to a record label. Justin’s first single “One time” was a worldwide hit and his first album “My World” was an international hit. Justin brings a girl up to stage and singes is song, ” One less lonely girl.” He also starred in “Justin Bieber, Never Say Never.” The movie was a biography and showed how he came to be. In 2012, Justin’s new album “Believe” was released.

Including hit songs “Boyfriend,” “As long as you love me,” and “Maria.” “Maria” is written about Mariah Yeater who had claimed to have been pregnant with his child. But, she was lying and it really wasn’t his baby. Justin has recently had his eighteenth birthday. For his birthday he recieved a car and he bought a house. He lives in it alone but, even though he loves his mom he likes living on his own.

It is a big house right outside of Hollywood. lately there has been rumor that a girl went to one of his concerts and afterwords was attacked. She apparently laid in the street for three days crying. Soon enough she found her way home and found out that her mom had been killed in a car accident. Then Justin found out, went to dinner with her, cried with her, and is paying pcychiatric support. Justin is a great artist and has tons of fans.

Some people might judge him because of his voice or clothes. But, he has matured and gotten better over the years. Some people say they hate him or dislike him but, you can’t really hate someone you don’t know; because you haven’t met him and you have no idea what he’s like. Neither do I but, he is talented so they should try and give him a chance. People might actually like him. Like Justin says,” Never Say Never.”