killing my brain one research paper at a time

Research papers are something required for all English classes one semester each year. If your one of the lucky ones you have to do them twice. A research paper is long, crammed, antagonizing process. They really stink because normally they are the last month of the semester and you have to kind of cram it in with all the other work you have to do. English papers, in my opinion, are seriously pointless after your sophomore year.

They are pointless because you no longer have one continuous English class. You have two separate ones. Which means you might have to write one each semester or two in one semester. It just depends on the person and the teacher. It takes away from about a month worth of class, and that time could be used for teaching things that go along with that class. They really teach you nothing but how to be a better writer and most kids can’t be helped.

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Not trying to offend anyone. Some kids just don’t have that knack for writing. Its also another reason why some kids fail their English classes because they didn’t do something right or they didn’t do it at all. However if you are a junior or senior taking freshman or sophomore English then you still should have to write them; because you failed that class in first place so you have to pay the consequences. I bet if teachers didn’t make kids write research papers they would pass their English classes. But the freshman and sophomores should have to since their English classes are one together.

Research papers are a pointless process, that no junior or senior should go through. I think they need to be abolished from the curriculum.