Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, a well known man for many things.

Most of his bicycling career. But others know him for what has happened with him and cancer, and how he has gotten over it. His young life wasn’t like any others; he has done things that others haven’t. He has accomplished so many things in his life, and some where worse than others. Lance has made many differences in peoples life, since he has been living because of the things he has went through. He was born on September 18, 1971, in Plano.

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Texas. He was raised in Dallas by his mom Linda. Lance started showing he was an athlete at the age of ten he swam, ran. By the age of thirteen he did competitive cycling triathlons, the triathlons consisted of a one thousand meter swim, a fifteen mile bike ride, and a three mile run. He also became a professional triathlete at the age of sixteen.

He was the nationals sprint course champion at that age “What ever your 100% looks like, give it” (Lance Armstrong). When he was in high school he was training for the Olympics Cyclinging Development team so much that he almost failed out of high school. Lance states “that his internal beat to cancer is his proudest and the most difficult accomplishment (Lance Armstrong).” Lance has accomplished many things in his life, good and also bad. Some of them include he has won multiple tour de France races, and also several other smaller races throughout the world.

One main thing he has accomplished is overcoming cancer. He came down with cancer in the late nineties; it was testicular cancer that spread that spread all the way up to his lungs and brain. He went through vigorous treatment hours. When he was getting better, he began his bicycle training even though being sick he says “Giving up was never an option(Lance Armstrong)”. He didn’t want to loose what he had. He was told that he had a slim chance of surviving his cancer.

But he survived his cancer; he decided to make his self a slogan, which about everyone on the earth knows, Live Strong. He says that his most prized accomplishment is overcoming cancer. I am happy with the way my career went and I am happy with the way it ended” ( Lance Armstrong). He has made a difference in everyone’s life, no matter if they know it or not. He has shown them to never give up no matter what is in your path.

You can overcome it with all the strength in your body. He has shown that as long as you want to get through something it can happen. Lance made a big difference because every one knows him for that one thing; the yellow Live Strong wristbands that help raise money to fight cancer. ” Pain is tempory, but quitting lasts forever”(Lance Armstrong). When lance was diagnosed with his cancer, he treated it right away and ended up back on his bike only five months later, and started racing again two years later. He is a great man who has been through a lot in his life, more than other people.

At young ages he has accomplished things that people probably won’t ever be able to do in their lifetime. He risked things just to do a thing he loved. He has won the biggest bicycling competitions that almost everyone knows about. He has over come cancer which is his greatest accomplishment. He has helped many out by showing never to give up and also raising money to help others threw the things he went though. Amrstrong, Lance. Said What? Jan 29 2002-2010 Armstrong, Lance. Good Reads Jan 24 2011 Think exist Jan 199-2010 A&E Television Network. Lance Armstrong Biography Bio.true story 2011 “Lance Armsrong Biography” Lance Armsrong Biography 1/29/2011 Star Pulse. 1999-2011,_Lance/Biography/