Laptops in High Schools

A high number of students drop out of school every year because they lose interest; laptops may be an easy way to solve this problem. Many schools have switched to using laptops instead of textbooks in the hopes that they could make projects easier to complete, so students could get help from teachers after school, and so students had that extra edge against academic competition.

Letting students use laptops for high school not only helps them academically but physically. ‘Though students are given lockers, many do not have time to stop between classes drop off and get other textbooks. This dilemma leads to backpacks weighing around 20 pounds. Overweight bags and stress can take a toll. Certain steps need to be taken to prepare teachers and school staff for the integrating of new technology into the traditional curriculum. Advanced lesson plans can help students comprehend information better through new slide shows, videos, and diagrams.

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Learning how to use new technology also creates a new interest on how an individual could best use their laptop. Taking these steps is almost a guarantee that the new plan will be one of success. Teachers and administrators should be taught how to use the new laptops. The providing companies such as Apple offer direct training with a school’s teachers to make sure that the technology can be used to the full extent.

Extra help can be provided by having the computer technicians establish an understanding of the repair and program use of the laptop. The proper training ensures that teachers can create advanced lesson plans for their students, and that the technicians can get both students and teachers back on track if a crash or problem does occur. Even though students are not required to use laptops for their secondary education in many schools, it is an essential tool for most college students. By giving students the chance to start using laptops to the full extent in high school teachers and administrators are giving them a chance to grow mentally and academically. Creating interest in programs that require this technology could save some needed programs at colleges, such as business or accounting majors.

Competition for both college and jobs is becoming more intense rapidly. Students with more training and experience have a higher chance of getting into a good college or university, which in turn leads to better job opportunities. A change from textbooks to laptops is almost a dire need for some schools that are ill-equipped in their computer labs and library’s computers and programs, if they have their own computer labs. Students that graduate from these ill-equipped schools have a very slim chance of making it into a university, let alone an Ivy League college. Laptops at first were bought by schools who only thought of raising their test scores. The raising of scores is possible if the teachers are trained correctly and can take advantage of the technology.

Some schools receive training from the laptop makers such as Apple and Toshiba, and in turn, those teachers educate their peers. Of course, if the students are not given the right programs they will not be able to excel. Some schools have dropped their laptop programs because their teachers did not understand how to best use them, and in-turn, grades dropped. Other schools are against laptops because of student misuse. When proper security and blocks are set in place, students replace studying with pornography, social websites, and games.

Unprepared districts need to take a look at their plan for success to actually improve their schools. By either equipping the laptops with security programs or by setting up a secure Wi-Fi signal, these problems can be fixed. Another complaint about laptops for school is computer crashes. The main answer for this is simply misuse. When students do not use proper bags or cases to transport laptops they can be bumped around, or simply dropped on the floor.

Students also cause problems on the computers by downloading music, playing games, or picking up viruses on social sites. Downloading music or games and having unneeded programs caused a computer to slow which can cause a computer to freeze or shut down. Just by taking necessary precautions such as not allowing these programs to be downloaded, this can also be avoided. A big help is also having a well trained and educated staff that knows how the computers and programs operate. Overall, laptops are one of the best changes a school could ever make. From helping students advance now to preparing them for the future, laptops improve academic standards and motivation all around.