Letter to Hrothgar

Dear Hrothgar: My dearest Hrothgar I’m so sorry to hear about the tragic death of your soldiers and the loss ofMeed Hall. I would like to offer up my services to vanquish Grendel from your kingdom. You should choose me to go out on this quest because I am able to use my strength, smartness, and gracefulness in battle to my advantage.Now I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, look at this big shot coming in my castle thinking he is everything.

” I would be honored to come in fight your battle. It would allow me to repay my father’s debt because at one time you spared my father’s life. If you allow me to take on this hell beast, I will not let you down. To prove that I have what it takes I’m going to tell you a story.This story is known though the lands, a story that was handed down for 10 years, and a story that won a Nobel prize.

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A story that started with a kidnapping of a princess by a group made up of a swordsman, a giant, and a Sicilian criminal genius. As approached the camp I found the camp empty except for the single figure who stands in front of me, with death in his black hollow eyes. Without warning he lunges towards meand by using my graceful moves I was able to block his every move. We fought for like hours. By morning he lay in front of me with motionless.

After I defeated the swordsman, I continued on the path until I was caught by surprise by this mountain sized human. Before i could react he threw a bolder at me. Before the massive rock hit me i went into a barrel roll. I had to use my strength to get the monster off his balance and when i did this the giant came crashing down. When he hit the ground it felt like the who continent split into separate countries. With the beast finished, i hurry to the final opponent.

As I catch up to the princess and my final foe, I find him not like the rest. I find the young lady tied up against a tree. Before me a short man sits at a table with two cups in front of him. One cup has poison, and one does not. If I chose correct I would have beaten the smartest man alive.

Using my wit I tricked the man into drinking the death cup. After he finished his cup, his body started to turn green. After being beat he released the young lady and retreated up the snowy mountain where I here he torment the people of Whoville In the end, I became the winner!After all of these trials, I saved the princess and she became my wife. After that quest I came to peace with myself. I have started helping people instead of killing them. If you allow me to slay Grendel by using my strength, wit and grace, I will not let you down!By doing so it will allow my father’s debt to be put behind him.

Thank you Mr. Hrothgar for your consideration of me to take out Grendel. Sincerely, Beowulf son of Ecgtheow