Life Decisions (I swear this isn't as boring as it may sound)

His cold gray marble eyes stared me down, a fierce look daring me to turn away, but I couldn’t. Thoughts, whirling around in my head, kept me intently focused on him. Did Abraham Lincoln know at 17 that he would change an entire country? Did he foresee his future as a great American leader, when he was just a teenager? Did Lincoln know that he would someday sit, 20 feet high, upon a tall marble throne in the nation’s capital to be visited by hundreds of people every day? I don’t think he knew that he would one day go down in history, so why do I have to know. Just like Lincoln, I don’t. I’d like to think that one day I too will sit enthroned in our nation’s capital, be remembered, or win a Nobel Peace Prize, but how am I to know? I am just one teenage girl in a nation of millions, only one high school student in a national graduating class of thousands.

How can I change the world? Most likely I can’t, statistically, I won’t, but just like Lincoln, there has to be that ONE. That one person who devotes their life to alter the values of a nation for the better, who gives their life to changing a country, and that one person could be me.

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