Limit Homework!

Students don’t have as much time to spear as you think! Teachers should limit how much homework they give their students. If teachers have a limit on how much homework they can give out students will have more time to do it, they won’t go on overload, and it would help kids who have to much to do. First of all, kids need more time to be able to finish everything. For example, students can be working really hard so they might not be able to finish because they didn’t have enough time. Also students need a break, they can’t be doing homework nonstop homework, if they do their brain might go on lockdown.

Next, if a student is given to much homework they’ll never be able to finish it because, they have something after school they have to do, and when they finally get home they have to eat, and there isn’t a lot of time before they go to bed. Another reason would be, if kids are given too much homework, they could go on overload! For example, homework can be very stressful when you can’t get a problem! Also homework can add on to the pressure from school! Next, if students take to long they might start to get depressed, so why give any more homework then necessary? Also, if teachers are limited on how much homework they give out, it can help kids who have too much on their plate. For example, some kids have afterschool activities they have to go to. Next, some students have chores they have to attend to after school. Also, some kids have jobs. For example, if a student at collage or high school has a job, what do you expect them to do, ditch their job so they can finish unneeded homework? Others may say, kids need the extra help.

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Here is its weakness; students don’t need to be given something with student’s schedules now a days. I am writing this letter to editor of our local newspaper because students of our generation don’t have time to deal with unnecessary homework. We the people need to come together to make life for this generation a little bit easier!