Memoir for School

My freshman year coming into high school was crazy the weather outside was nice with winds of 5 mph just a calm day but going there and starting was tough because I didn’t try to push and make new friends I am a shy person I don’t really interact with anyone unless I really knew them but other than that I really honestly but shocking don’t like people So I joined the football team to maybe make more friends interact with people and the weather more and see how it feels to have strength speed and skills from trying that sport that’s how you look good and cool like popularity is to join a sportin school is to have a pretty girl and the only way to get a pretty girl it’s not all about the girl thing but meeting people and joining the football team so that what I wanted to do is join and get a girl but the first week it wasn’t like I expected people were rude didn’t like me maybe because I was new I got called short told I can’t do it but I didn’t listen I kept going the practices were hard but I stuck through and accomplished it when our first game came I messed upI let the running back come right through and scored but I finished the season but close to the end I got a concussion so I can’t play anymore but i realized that it wasn’t a big deal because i’m not good at football but I just remembered to never give up and follow your dreams .