Why Year-Round School Is Better Than the Traditional School yYear

Why year-round school is better than the traditional year school It wasn’t until 1968 to 1970 that the year-round education system was established in the states of Missouri, Illinois, California, and Minnesota. Ever think what a year-round school would be like some kids say that it’s nice because we get to have longer breaks and get back and feel good. Other students say that they work during summer break and when school starts it’s hard to do that. In this paper, you will see why a year-round school is better for kids, teens, and teachers. Grades it’s a thing that most students care most about when they are in school well with a year-round school it helps majorly.

In the schools in Illinois said, that with year-round schools students grades go up a lot from the normal students getting Cs and Ds to As and Bs. Unless your the extreme students that know everything and how to do everything, or you the kids that don’t care about your grades. Why not do a year-round school to help kids and teens grades so they don’t fail high school and so at home they don’t get in trouble which can affect the students ability to learn. Ever thought what it would be like if you went to school for eight weeks and then got out for two or three weeks. There have been students saying that they liked that better because they have worked hard these 8 weeks then going into a two or three weeks off of school where they can get the cobwebs flushed out and then when the week we come back and then we get back into the groove and they feel good but the people that have the summer break they come back and its very difficult to get back into the groove except the people that have went to summer school they havent lossed lots of information. Like Chesca Calicdan said on the New York Times she said,?I think year round schooling would be a good program for all schools to adopt.

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As the author pointed out, “teachers can maximize vacation time by assigning targeted extra practice, enrichment and even tutoring earlier in the year, before students have fallen too far behind.” I believe students would have an easier time keeping up with schoolwork when they must attend classes all year. Teachers they are the second priority after the students for the school. With a year-round school, teachers should have an opinion on it too and they do most say that they love it they don’t have to worry about the students forgetting things over summer break and they get paid a tad bit more. Yeah, they don’t like the end of school in August then they get three days off then go back into school but if that’s the worst thing that they have to say about it then there is no problem.

So if we said we get the three weeks offbefore the next school year. They have been thousands of students that have complained about year-round school but there have been millions of students saying that with the year-round school is better, yeah your summer is gone but we get to have lots of time off of school and they have also said with have those days off they are more motivated to get better grades and teachers say that they have had students and other teachers have better attitude to each other. ?Year-round schools offer a variety of specific advantages in addition to increased learning. Some of the significant advantages include better student performance, reduced absenteeism among students and teachers, better discipline, diminished stress on teachers, and better learning opportunities for students. Schools following multi-track programs also enjoy easing of problems due to overcrowding, proper utilization of resources, and cost savings.? So you can see why the year-round school is better for students grades, sleep, and the teachers.