The bell rings, the day has begun. The institution of the American Educational establishment provides for the largest front in the war on teen terror in the world. We leave our groups slowly. every football player in one area, the emos/cutters in another, the drama kids and chior kids, supprisingly, dont get along. The “Cool” kids are in their own little world awayfrom every one but themselves.

We all have our flaws, and most of these people have either been exploited because of them, or expliot others because of theirs. The world ic currupted, and we dont understand why people can do things like this to people they dont even know! We all want it to stop. I know I’ve been there! We all want something done about it, and nothing happens. we either resort to alcohol, drugs, violence..

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. or worse. You know what Im talking about! we need to have something done, but we eventually see nothing is done, and take matters in our own hands! I want this to end. We dont need this sh-t, and we think we’re helping, but all we’re doing, is helping it get worse for someone else! Instead of taking matters into your own hands, give them your perspective! Tell them what is REALLY happening, then they may understand. If they dont, or they continue, then they are a lost cause.

Dont bother with those ignoramouses, just leave them alone. Dont live in fear, but ignore them! It really does help! I’ve been there! I know!