MMS fisrt Yera

My first year at MMS was pretty straightforward. During the first month or so, I adjusted to my schedule and waking up early. I also needed to get used to the many projects and tests. My science class had homework every night and social studies class had numerous quizzes and difficult tests.

My schedule was pretty nice, especially since all my classes after 4th were in the same part of the school. My first was language arts, which was good because it was relaxed, so I did not have to think too hard right after waking up. Second was math, which involved page after page of quadratic equations, linear relationships, and algebra. Then it was PE on some days, which was by far the most fun class. Dodge ball, soccer, and mindless running around were a much needed break during the day.

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Art was bad. It was insane. That is all. I was soon used to the hectic schedule, tough assignments, and meals utterly devoid of palatability. Homework load was lighter, and my book bag lost about 15 pounds.

Each day, I went to my classes, did the work, and went home. Every day was pretty much the same process. Every day was the same bring routine with the same things over and over again. Every day I woke up and went home. Soon, the school year turned to preparing for CRCT.

We reviewed in class things we had learned earlier in the year to help us get ready for the biggest test of the year. We still had normal classes, but at least part of every day was used for CRCT practice. I thought the CRCT was going to be very hard, but it turned out to be really easy. I was nervous at first but then our teachers told us we only needed a 75 to exceed and a 53 to meet, so I was extremely relieved. After the CRCT, we had a few final projects. But there was no more homework, at least not in the past few weeks.

Then, our science teacher told us we were going to have a final exam that was much more difficult than the science portion of the CRCT. That was my first year at MMS. Thanks for listening!