Modest Proposal Free Essay Example

To prevent guns from being used to murder people in cold blood, to lower crime rates in the United States altogether, and to release the United States from a terrible burden It is a horrific scene to see on the national news, an innocent bystander caught in between two rival gangs’ crossfire. Children are often the victims of such horrific incidents. Often is the case that such good spirited lives are cut short by low life criminals.

The cities of this country are often ruled by various street gangs, ending lives of innocent people. It is unfortunate that so many people are killed in such a horrific way. It is also unfortunate to have to turn on the television every morning and see the same reports of death from a gun. My humble proposition to lower crime rated in the United States is the only logical one. Every citizen in the United States should be armed with a handgun; this includes children above the age of five.

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This way, not only can the citizens of the United States protect themselves from street gangs, but also from other dangerous acts of violence and criminals. By this they can eradicate violence and crime from the United States completely. This will not only make the United States a safer place, but it will also remove the fear of violence from the United States. Every citizen will be trained on how to operate their firearm, even children. This way, nobody accidentally kills each other.

There are many advantages to this proposal, but I will list six. Firstly, it will decrease crime rates in the United States altogether. Secondly, all citizens will be able to defend themselves from criminals and violence. Third, gangs and other undesirable criminals will be eradicated from the United States. Fourthly, families will be able to spend more time together and not worry about losing each other to violence.

Fifthly, children will be able to grow up without violence and live their lives to the full potential without it being cut short by a gun. Lastly, people will no longer have to turn on their television and see newscasts of murder. I can think of no objection to this proposal, unless it should be states, that people or neighbors will go off shooting one another over meaningless quarrels or that children will accidentally shoot one another. My remedy to this objection is as follows. Why would neighbors go off killing each other over meaningless quarrels and squanders when this a much larger threat at hand, criminals and violence. There is no reason to harm your fellow man over meaningless quarrels such as a lawnmower being returned broken or something else harmless.

As for children harming each other with a gun, it would only be the parents fault. What parent in the right state of mind would give their child a loaded gun as a toy? A sane parent would simply take the clip out and put the safety on before letting their child use it as a plaything. My proposal is the only logical one for keeping the citizens of the United States safe. They will learn to defend themselves from many different criminals and street gangs and finally be able to stop living in fear. They will be able to eradicate violence and crime from the country.

Children will be able to defend themselves from suspected kidnappers that try to steal them away from their families. Families will finally be safe from the fear of losing each other to violence and crime. It is the only logical solution to lower crime rates in the United States. I came up with my idea after hearing about laws involving gun control; one example being the concealed carry law. I also remembered back to the school shootings and how if the teacher had a gun they could’ve protected all the children.

I modeled my essay after Swift’s trying to use more advanced language and the same writing technique. I also tried to sound more professional and literate. My proposal would not actually help the situation of gun violence, but make it worse.