Company: TalismaCustomer: MoonfruitWhatever your business you are going to need a web site. Moonfruit has already built a reputation in this business, focused on making web sites a reality for all the individuals, clubs, associations and small businesses that visit its site and decide to join in. Moonfruit offers a combination of special features that move visitors from thinking about creating their own web sites to actually going ahead with the idea.Firstly, it’s free and, if that’s not enough, Moonfruit makes it very easy to produce a stylish and fully interactive web site through a series of easy steps with no need to understand html programming.Wendy Tan, Moonfruit’s founder and CEO commented, “Our customers expect Moonfruit to be free and easy, without compromising quality.

Our e-support services have to be of the same exceptional standard as the rest of the Moonfruit experience. We set out to delight our users, and the e-support function is a vital part of our overall customer strategy. I am confident that Talisma will assist us in exceeding the expectations of our customers.”Founded in 1994, Talisma Corporation is the only full-service provider of electronic customer service solutions. Companies of all sizes use Talisma products and services to manage customer interactions on their web sites, improving customer relationships through superior online service practices.

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Talisma Support Services provide highly skilled, professional off-site technical and customer support services, which was key to Moonfruit for coping with the demands of its success.Tom Platt, Customer Manager for Moonfruit went to India to train the team of five which now operates the Moonfruit email help desk, “The personnel were very professional; paid excellent attention to detail and were very good communicators. It would be very difficult to recruit a similar calibre of personnel in the UK for the same role.”After evaluating its services in comparison with other competitors Talisma was found to be unique in the package of software and support offered. Few competitors, particularly in the UK, had the experience Talisma had achieved in its six-year history and Talisma’s costs were highly competitive.Performance has matched, and often exceeded, Moonfruit’s expectations.

The response rate is sustained twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, enabling Moonfruit to be a world player in its chosen market.Moonfruit’s customers have also been impressed by the quality of help they have received and its speedy, electronic, delivery. Feedback from “site leaders” who have set up their own web sites reflect their satisfaction with the quality of the sites they are able to create and their ease of creation. Comments often single out the e-mail help for particular praise, “It has been prompt, effective and understandable, a great boon for those not-too-technically-minded”.Reliability and flexibility are two more of the benefits offered by Talisma Support Services.

It has invested in an excellent hardware and software infrastructure at its Bangalore facility and uses more than one ISP for its connectivity to the Internet along with seamless fail-over mechanisms. As a new entrant in the “young” field of enterprises it is very difficult for Moonfruit to predict the volume of future demand. Tom is therefore very satisfied about the scalability offered by Talisma, “It is important that e-mail support is able to scale up quickly without compromising the quality and speed of response. Talisma can do this with a two to three week lead time, which is very reassuring.”When asked if he would recommend Talisma’s services to other companies, Tom Platt’s response was very positive, “Choose Talisma if you want a rapid, 24 hours a day service that is quick and easy to set up.

When looking to outsource e-support, Talisma offers a great combination of software and personnel who are already familiar with the software.”