More like an insect than a mammal

Muckraking is more of an art dedicated to informing the common folk of the more corrupt and overlooked side of our country. One of these is our wasteful destruction of the environment. The universal conscience of the higher parts of our society completely overlooks the utter chaos they leave in their wake of consumption. Their single mindedness causes them to ignore the fact that the resources they are using could be used more efficiently.

The methods most excavators use are some of the more wasteful methods, thus laying waste to large amounts of land that is otherwise useless. The pollution is also a neglected byproduct of most coal or oil franchises. The pollution they spew into the air can cause birth defects in infants, cause most cancer in older citizens, and make living in more populated cities more dangerous than they normally are. The pollution of our air isn’t the only problem with our cities. The government has yet to make an effective trash removal system to take care of the packaging and waste of the products they so openly endorse.

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These acts of destruction aren’t as aberrant as they seem. Many of our native forests are being burned instead of being used as lumber for the constructive industry. The barren wasteland left behind is left for years until it is fertile enough to let free-range cattle graze, or so the lumber industry can plant more trees for harvesting. The pines that they sow the land with take years to grow and even when they’re full size, the lumber industry only makes halve the money that the original forest would have brought them. If you have read my article in its entirety you, as a reader, a citizen, a person, should realize that in some ways, we indeed are like insects. We spread like a locusts, destroying nearly everything within reach, just so we can expend those resources to find another place to destroy.

But, just like the locust, we will eventually find ourselves with the dilemma of having nothing left to destroy. Be a person and try to conserve our precious resources, not destroy them.