Ms. Quill

There have been many great, influential teachers in my life, but there is one that seems to be better than the others. That is my eighth grade social studies teacher, Ms.Quill. She is also the Vice-Principal at St. Elizabeth Elementary School. I am nominating her because she made social studies easy and fun, we read interesting books in her class, and she helped me in my eighth grade year.

I am nominating Mrs.Quill because she made social studies easy for me. Social studies was always a hard class for me because I find it to be boring, but Ms.Quill really made it fun. She has great teaching skills. For example, she would have us make note cards to study for our tests.

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This is a great study tool that I still use today in all subjects. Ms.Quill would have after school study sessions before tests. This also helped with studying, and they were fun and made her class easier. A final quality that I admired about her teaching is that she went aver the tests after we took them.

This helped us realize our mistakes so we could fix them for the next time. Another reason I am nominating Ms.Quill is because she gave us breaks from grueling bookwork. The breaks were reading books. One book I remember reading was The Devil’s Arithmetic. This book was a little hard for me, but Ms.

Quill helped me understand the book better and made it fun. The timing for reading the books was perfect; she would plan them at the best times, so we would have a break from studying. A final reason I am nominating Ms.Quill is because she really helped me through my eighth grade year. Eighth grade is hard because you just want to get out of grade school, but you do not want to leave your friends.

Ms.Quill was always easy to talk to about anything. She really made my last year at St. Elizabeth’s something that I will always remember. In conclusion I am nominating Ms.Quill as the EOY for three reasons.

She made social studies easy, she gave us breaks, and because she helped me through my eighth grade year. Ms.Quill really is a great teacher and she deserve to be the Educator of the Year.