Mtr case study

As departmental secretary, one of Ames responsibilities Is to assist the departments graduate program director, Proof.

Lolled, with the record keeping associated with the graduate program. The department requires that all graduate students have a meeting with their advisory committee at least once a year. After the meeting, the students advisor Is expected to write up a summary for all the participants and for the files on each student that Ames keeps. These files are reviewed annually by the faculty on the graduate program committee to be sure that all grad students are making good progress.

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Last week, Ames sent out reminders to dents for whom she did not yet have summaries, about half of those in the department, and to their advisors.

Lisa reports that she had met with her advisory committee almost a month ago. So, when she got her reminder, she immediately went to Proof. Young office and asked about the summary. “She said she was busy getting ready for class, and shed talk to me later,” said Lisa. “l tried three more times last week, and each time it was ‘Ill get to it when I have time, and I have to get to a meeting or something like that.

Then the week before that, I tried to talk to her about whether I should move into this cheaper apartment I found about an hour from campus, and she refused to give me any advice.

Guess she figures Im not worth her time; that Im just not cut out for grad school! ” Case Discussion Interests of the Affected Parties Nancy Ames has an interest in doing her Job as smoothly and efficiently as possible, for her own peace of mind and so that she will be perceived as competent by her supervisor.

She also has an interest in maintaining good professional relationships with all those with whom she works since communication is critical to carrying out her job. Lisa Gray, as a graduate student, Is interested in getting the best graduate education she can. This means that she wants to stay in graduate school and make good progress toward completion of her degree. To do this, she seeks to receive the best advising in her research possible, and also more personal mentoring. Good communication with her advisor and other faculty members Is Important for this.

Proof. Young, as a faculty member, has Interests In educating graduate students so that they will become professional researchers and In carrying out her research her position as well and efficiently as possible. Proof. Lolled, as the graduate program director, is interested in keeping the graduate program running smoothly, and in maintaining a good attitude among the graduate faculty and students in the department. He also has all the interests of other departmental faculty members.

Department faculty, in general, are interested in maintaining a graduate program Tanat wall produce professional researchers Tanat will rennet positively on ten department, and will be perceived by potential students as a good program they might want to Join.

Other graduate students in the department have an interest in avian a graduate program and a support system that aid their development as researchers. All members of the department have an interest in avoiding major conflicts, crises, or emotional blowups among those in the department.

Obligations Nancy Ames has an obligation to carry out her duties as a staff member who works on the graduate program. If those duties are unclear, she should seek to clarify them. She also has an obligation to the department as whole to balance her time so that she can carryout all the duties associated with her position as departmental secretary.

She has an obligation to all members of the department, faculty, staff and students, not to speak poorly of anyone to others. In addition, at some level, she has an obligation to help reduce Gravy’s upset state.

Lisa Gray, as a professional researcher in training, has the obligation to take herself seriously, and to play an active role in her education. She should seek out information on her rights and responsibilities as a graduate student, the expectations placed upon her by the graduate program, and the support systems available to her. An important part of his active role is an obligation to communicate clearly and effectively with others in the department, particularly with her advisor, Proof.

Young. As a member of Young research group, Gray has an obligation to try to work out problems with her first, before going to others for assistance.

Proof. Young has obligations to educate the graduate students in her research group, to advise them in their work and prepare them to be independent researchers. As part of this she needs to be aware of her rights and responsibilities as well as those of her graduate students, and to communicate clearly and effectively with them.

Ethical Issues The principle conflict that Ames finds herself in is a conflict between her responsibilities to the department as a whole as laid out in her Job description, and her responsibilities to an individual graduate student. How should she apportion her time and effort?

Ames also may feel a desire to deal with Gray quickly so as to get her out of the office, rather than acknowledging her own obligation to address the situation as befits her position in the department. In determining what to do, Ames may experience a conflict between Just taking care of everything herself, and acting s is appropriate for a departmental staff member. Although we don’t have enough information to be sure of the situation, Gray may be experiencing a conflict between being loyal to Young, and supporting her own progress in the program by making sure the departmental procedures are followed.

Gray may also have a conflict between talking and working with Young, and calling on the support services available to aid her as a graduate student.

For Proof. Young, there may be a conflict between Young interests and obligations as a researcher and faculty member with her interests and obligations as Gravy’s dissertation advisor. Consequences of Actions If Ames does nothing and brushes aside Gravy’s concerns, it is possible that Gray will become more upset and/or communicate her worries to others in the department.

This could result in more distress for Gray and a disruption for the department as a whole. It could also result in other members of the department questioning Ames’ effectiveness and result in their losing trust in Ames as an administrator on whom teeny can rely.

IT Ames takes It upon nearest to contact Proto. Young Ana emulate between Young and her graduate student, Gray, it is possible that the situation will eave a good resolution, but unlikely. Even so, Ames will most probably have to devote a fair amount of her time to this situation, to the detriment of her other duties.

What is more likely is that Gray will be perceived as meddling in an area outside her responsibilities and/or presuming to tell a faculty member what to do. This would not be good for Ames’ continued good relationship with members of the department, and so could harm her ability to do her Job. If Ames suggests Gray talk to Young again and then talks to Proof.

Lolled if that is not effective, she will be acting within her role as n administrative staff member.

It would also be a good idea to let Lolled know about the situation so that he can look into it even if Gray does not contact him. In this way, Ames would be fulfilling her obligation as a staff member who works with Lolled on the graduate program. Depending on the institution, it might also be appropriate for Ames to refer Gray to information on the rights and obligations of faculty and graduate students. It sound like Gray may have some unreasonable expectations of the role Young should play in her life while Gray is in her research group.