Musical What?

Charlotte, a young girl, suffered a brain hemorrhage and slipped into coma.One day, ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ by Adele played on the radio.

When Charlotte heard it, she smiled.Charlotte and her mother used to sing this song together.Within days, charlotte was able to walk and talk.Music is very powerful.It has the power to heal.

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That is why musical therapy is so effective. states that “Musical therapy is a way of self expression and communication.Kids with ADHD can benefit because it helps them develop strong communication skills.”Kids with ADHD can benefit because it helps these kids be more socially active and more certainty in social situations.

Also many communicational skills are developed and can have a huge impact on a child’s life. According to, “Musical therapy is an effective treatment for those with psychosocial and communicative needs.”Kids, teens, and adults with over compulsion disorder (OCD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can benefit.These disorders effect communication.Musical therapy can help people gain confidence in social situations.

Musical therapy is a diverse thing.The therapy is different for each person and can have a large effect on one’s life, especially a child’s. Many people only think a person needs to play an instrument to be a part of musical therapy.This is a false statement.Musical therapy consists of listening to music, playing music, singing, or even dancing.

I realize that many people think they have to have a musical background to be in musical therapy.That is most definitely not the case.No musical background is required to be a part of this amazing, helpful, beautiful, thing. People with stress anxiety can benefit as well.According to musicaltherapy.

org, “healthy individuals can use musical therapy for stress relief through making music, as well as passive listening.”People who has large amounts of stress, anger management, and just handling every day stress can benefit because it’s a way of communicating with others not through words, but sound.It can be helpful by simply hearing a song on the radio, or playing an instrument you love. According to Dr. Javier Provencio “Whenever memories have an emotional context to them, they tend to hold much more power in the brain and tend to process differently.

“Memories that respond to music are very powerful in the brain.An emotional response to music can help relax people who have stress anxiety.If a person has a strong response to music like Charlotte did, it can help many people.Music in a way defines us and can have a massive impact on our lives.Sometimes we even judge people on what kind of music they like.

People with schizophrenia have a hard time communicating.Music can provide a way of communicating to says “musical therapy is a way of self expression and can help kids with schizophrenia.During a session, they were given a range of musical instruments and encouraged to play them.The therapists listened for changes in the music so they could record emotional changes.

“Schizophrenia makes it hard for people to communicate emotion, or communicate in general.When these kids play music, it can help them communicate and show someone what they are really feeling. According to, “people with schizophrenia that had musical therapy improved more than those with regular therapy.”People with schizophrenia respond more to music than they do with other people.

Musical therapy was a way for these people to communicate and improve their relationship with others.It can simply be just communicating better but it could also mean understanding each other on a completely different level.Many people do not realize the healing power of music. I think in the future we can use music to the best of its abilities and help heal many more people like Charlotte and other people that need help.Music could be the next best thing.