My First Job

Someone once said “Never bend your head. Alwayshold it high.

Look the world straight in the eye. You never know what you can do when you are young or old. One obstacle that i have overcome was getting a job at a young age. Everyone no matter how old or young has to overcome something in their lives. The obstacle i have overcomed was getting a job at 13.

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How did this happen. I was at home when my friend called me. The first five words out of his out and through the phone was “Do you want a job?” I was so excited about it that i didn’t even ask what i would be doing. He told me the time and place to meet them at. Lucky me it was just up the road from my house. The next day I went to the place and worked from light to dark.

I asked her how she knew she would hire me on. She told me if i worked good that she would tell me to come back tomorrow. Later on that night she told me i could come back. I never thought i would have been a carpenter. Most people don’t become a carpenter at the age of 13 they wait until they are a lot older.

I know some adults that are in their late 30s and later 40s and don’t have jobs, and haven’t had a real job ever. I never thought i would like being a carpenter. When i am 18 i want to be a carpenter when i am older or something else I have picked out. I like being outside. I can’t stand doing the same thing every day of my life. When you are a carpenter you do different stuff every day.

There are a couple of reason y I will like the job even more is because the pay is good. The other jobs I would take is a tree trimmer or line men. I have been working in the same job for 3 years now. My bosses family owns a tree trimming job and a lineman job. The pay wasn’t bad when I was thirteen and two hundredweek wasn’t bad at that time.

When you get older and have to pay for more stuff it isnt much at all. two hundred at sixteen isn’t much at all. That won’t even pay for my truck insurance and if my truck needs maintenances. My mom taught me how to manage my money and buy the things I needed then the things I wanted. I only make six dollars an hour,but thats better than no job at all. There are many things that you will have to overcome in your life.

Just like everyone else in the world today. For me it was working at an everyday job when I was thirteen. What have you overcome.