My Future Free Essay Example

Do I ever think of my future? Yes, all the time, ever since 6th grade i’ve always wanted to be a doctor but I could never decide what I want to be whether it be a neurosurgeon or a hematologist. In 7th grade I finally decided I want to be an anesthesiologist because they get payed a lot, if I were to become one I could make $300,00-$400,000 a year with about $360 an hour. I wanted to start this profession because I believe that general anesthesia is the most intriguing device to put people to sleep. The school part is the downside not the time but the money, going to school for 12 years sound fun but the student loans doesn’t at the slightest bit. Going to school to get a bachelor’s degree, going to med school and getting a masters in medicine and, then a following 4 year for anesthesiology residency seems alright to me but the debt is horrible without scholarships. That makes me want to start football and be able to have a 4.0 GPA and graduate at the top of my class and go to Stanford University.