My High School Needs a Fix

There are a lot of things that need a to be fixed at my high school. Complaints are a cheap commodity in any high school. There are many things kids tell me everyday that could easily be fixed. People say that the school work in humanities is packed together too much.

Kids complain that the lunches at the school aren’t great. They also complain that the internet filters are made “too safe” The first problem that I want to talk about is the overall academic workload at times. I find that the workload is just too much at times and needs to be handled better. It really makes the students feel a lot more stressed than we could be if it was done a different way. I think the best solution for this problem is for the teachers to communicate in a better way about what is going to be given out and on what days. They should limit the tests to two times a day.

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And in the beginning of each semester teachers could sign up for the days they want to schedule a test There have been times for me where i had four tests in one day and it was just too much stress to have to remember the info for all of them. It has been suggested that the teachers should “take turns” but i don’t believe that would work because we would still get insane amount of homework at certain times. And then as soon as that class “takes its turn” the next class would just stack work on us. The next thing i want to talk about is the school lunches. The lunches are just not very good.

They aren’t very healthy or even taste that good. The hash browns in the morning taste as though I’m eating corrugated cardboard. I don’t get lunch that often, But when I have the chicken sandwiches, they taste as though they are just bigger pieces of cardboard. The only good thing about the school lunch system is the soft serve ice cream but that’s just not healthy to have in the school.Most kids just think they should scrap the whole healthy food aspect and pay more attention to the actual sandwiches. But then kids would just eat junk food all day.

Also the school must follow the federal guidelines for healthy food.My solution is that the school gets rid of the soft serve machine. No matter how popular it may be, it’s just not healthy. And then the money put into the ice cream machine could be used to get food that is healthy and tastes better. The final thing i want to talk about is the school internet filters.

In my opinion I find that the internet filters are far too restrictive. I understand that the school does not want us to be viewing inappropriate materials at school but I feel that they block too broad of a subject. For example, when i had to find clothing for the Elizabethan era more than half of the photos were blocked. It made completing that project very hard. I also find that having to log in every ten minutes if you’re not within the schools wifi is very annoying.

I don’t think that the school should unblock everything but if they loosened the restrictions it would it much easier for students to complete assignments. And maybe if kids did go on something bad, there could be a punishment such as losing your chromebook for a week or something along those lines. Those are just some of the things that I think my school needs to fix. Some of the issues are bigger than others but they all have an effect on people in the school. I strongly believe that the school should do something about the school internet filters and that’s one of the top issues in the school.

If my ideas were used, the school could make a significant change to some of these issues and the kids would truly benefit.