What's cooking up in East Jordan High School?

A whole different lunch hour and menu got changed The principal at East Jordan High School, Tammy Jackson made our lunches easier and better. Now one big lunch, instead of two signal lunches. And way better food.

Senior Kayla Barnett said, ” the new lunch system is an improvement to our school.” If she could change one thing about the lunch system it would be the crowdedness in the lunch room. “Should have stuck with the two different lunches, for less people!” Kayla said. The salad idea is good; it gives people the chance to get it all year. Junior Ellie Hague, said she liked the lunch system so far. If she could change one thing it would be the timing, because it’s too short of time for people to go in line and then wait and eat fast.

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“Hope the lunch system gets better soon,” Ellie said. It’s better to have the salads available with the pizza cause then it’s a healthier menu. Sophomore Elizabeth Rosencrants, said “Lunch is too crowed, and over full. I would have changed it back to where there is 1st & 2nd lunch daily,” Elizabeth said. It’s ok, but the whole school eats together, so it should be longer. The B.

C. Pizza idea is way better then school lunches and gives people a chance to buy the pizza or salads. “The new lunch program is okay,” said sophomore Heather Weisler. Would change the lunch lines because they are too long. “It’s cool for the whole school eating lunch together, because you get to socialize with friends,” Heather said. It is a good idea to have salads and pizza as a daily choice.

Freshman Amanda Allsteadt, said “it’s stupid” to have one big lunch. An ideal could be to have one line with a table of the salads and pizza and to be able to grab the food. More tables or two lunches between the four grades. We should have two lunches. It’s good to be able to choose between salads, pizza or school hot lunch food whenever you want. “People ordered pizza every day,” Jackson said.

To make it easier, by not having to order and delivered, she thought having pizza would be good. Now there are better salads, pizza and sandwich’s because she did not like seeing the food they served. More tables can be put out in the lobby for additional seating. “I don’t ever think we will have less seating, as we do now,” Jackson said. Two lunches are distractions with kids going through the halls to lockers and classes.

Mrs. Jackson Principal of EJHS made many new lunch changes and menus. Jackson said “It will take time to get better and used to.”