My ignorant generation

If you were anything like I was in middle you remember being trapped between the economically, current events and just general sense lacking kids. Middle school is torture especially when you are stuck in a mid-western all girls school where the majority of people are obsessed with Facebook, trends from both coasts and what happened last night on Gossip Girl. During history I sigh deeply while I watch about half my class look at the white board which my friend and I defaced with SOPA jokes and listen to them ask “is SOPA a person or is it soup in Spanish?????” While many could think that this is just what all middle school girls are like I think it means more.

Isn’t this the generation of fired up, protesting and large numbers and angry posts after every time the debt ceiling goes up? Apparently not around here! I know eight grade isn’t when a time where people pour over publications like Time, The Economist(my personal favorite) or The New Yorker( People and Sports Illustrated are more the norm), but you think most people would think the fact that two major political figures have been accused of rape and sexual harassment. Do I think the fact that not every middle schooler cares that much about news and get most of their current events information from one article for social studies or the front page of AOL will ruin the world? No, but I do think that only hearing bits of information and settling with less information is raising a whole generation of future voters to make spilt second decisions based on limited information. Who knows! Based on some of the people I know Justin Beiber could be president at 35. Look out America, the under informed are coming!!!!!

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