My Phone My Life

My phone is my life and I can’t live without it and I already lost it before and if I lose it, it’s like losing part of my life for my phone. I love my phone like if it was part of me and I don’t know what I would do if it goes missing. I take care of it and take it everywhere I go and I treat it like my baby and my life. My phone is like my child and I can’t let it go. My phone is helpful in many ways. For example I keep track of time and do whatever I need to do that day.

For example when I’m on my phone I keep track of time, and what i’m doing. My phone reminds me of everything I need to do and who’s birthday it is on that day. My phone is helpful when needed in hand. I take my phone mostly everywhere I go. I take my phone to the park,pool,restaurant,and room,and etc…..

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I always keep it in my pocket or in my bag just in case I’m just bored or I need to do something like call,text,go on the app or just watch a video,or just hear music. When I go to the pool I’m always on it and go on an app for example, instagram or Kik . The app that I’m always on is instagram and kik and snapchat. I’m always on those app when I have nothing to do or I’m just bored and I just have nothing to do sometimes I just go on it to see what people are posting and to post random pictures. The things that I don’t like about my phone is that when it’sat a low low low low battery let’s say one percent it turns off and it get’s pretty annoying sometime and I need to bewhere the charger is to keep on doing what I’m doing like being oninstagram or on kik.

I have heard that cellphones are a bad influence and are not allowed to use the phone for many reasons for example Putnam County High School said and I quote,”…Picture phones and other applications such as calculatorin particular can be used to cheat on tests and quizzes. Take a picture of the test, send it to your buddy, and get a text back with the answer. Or send it to someone who wants to know what’s on the test.

The calculator function can be used to cheat on math tests. The risk of potential cheating on academics is one of the main reasons why students are not allowed to bring hand phone in school.” Many schools have banded phones because of that and have taken many phones away and some student’s never received it back anymore. There are some things that phones are good for. For example phones are used to find applications for college and to call if there is an emergency and etc…..

For example Putnam County High School said,”The first one is students may need to make arrangements for after-school activities. They may want to go to the library or stay after school to consult with a teacher about an assignment they don’t understand. They can use a cell phone to text or leave a voice mail explaining what they are doing so parents can better coordinate with them”. Something bad about my phone is that it runs out of battery fast. This is actually bad because I use my phone a lot like 24/7 and It’s actually frustrating because I need to be next to the charger a lot. What I researched was that phones were good and bad one reason was thatyou could use your phone for good thing’s like for example you could look up information about things you didn’t know before.