My Weird Thing

Goals cannot be left unfinished. Objectives can not be averted. You have to complete what you start.

That is my mind set and how I always approach things. If I feel that something is not achievable and is too out there, I don’t go after it because I know once I start I won’t stop Books are the worst. The reason that I never read everyday is because I would need 365 books. Once I start a book I want to finish it. Unless the book is completely incomprehensible I will keep going with it.

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I need to see what happens. TV shows are the same case. My favorites are shows that are older so they have seasons built up already. A whole day could pass, and I would just be watching a show because I want to know what happens. It’s not that I physically can’t it’s just that I have an urge to know about it and want to finish it so I can move on or go to the next season.

With books and shows I want to finish things as fast as I can so I can finish things early Video games are my best friend. However single player video games are never enough for me. Unless they are really challenging or long, I can finish one of them in a day or two grinding away until it’s completed.Thankfully I’m not a sucker for side quests or else I would be playing for hours trying to finish those games. Multiplayer games are the best, and always give me a goal to work towards.

The goal to be number 1 is a hard and long one, but every milestone that I achieve makes me feel satisfied. It’s honestly a losing battle, but the fact that there is a opportunity is something I can appreciate. Food is another area of concern for me. I don’t eat crazy amounts of food or something like that, but the portion that is given to me is my missions to complete. Even if it’s a big portion I still want to finish the plate no matter how full I am. I also like to finish my plate a certain way, starting with protein, grains, vegetables, then drink.

Finishing food this way makes things more pleasing and satisfying. Even at home when doing homework, I have to do things in a certain way for a long time. Some days when I only have a piece or two of homework it won’t be such a problem, but if I have homework from many classes then that’s when things take a turn. I like to do all of my homework at once and don’t stop. I always do my homework in the same order that I have my classes in. That way I can remember and it makes me feel like I’m going through school If I have a lot of homework I will do all of it for hours until I’m finished.

Taking breaks will just make me feel lazy and not want to finish my work. If I am in the middle of a worksheet and I decide to watch some tv or a Youtube, I realize how that will be more appealing and I forget about homework. This is why I like to take away distractions and do homework alone. Finishing things just makes me feel accomplished. Whether it’s finishing my plate of food or a big homework assignment.

I feel that when something is done and over I can move past it and work on something else. I want to do so many things but there isn’t enough time in a day. Starting something and leaving it unfinished is a uncomfortable and makes me think about the whole day until I have time to finish it. Completing something makes me feel better about myself and that I can finish whatever I want just as long as I keep persisting and finish what I put my mind to.