Nature Calls

When nature calls, we should honor it. That is a problem if we are in school. A teacher could deny our right to use the bathroom. We could run out of bathroom passes. Whether we’ve had to drink water at a certain time (to avoid using the bathroom during class), didn’t want to spend a bathroom pass, or have been denied the chance to go to the bathroom, teachers should allow us, students, to go the bathroom whenever we want to.

I’ve had to rearrange the time and amount of water I drink in class. I do this so I can go to a bathroom during a break, not during class. In second period, I drink around eight ounces of water. When the class ends, I go to the bathroom in the five minute passing period. The same goes for 4th period.

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In 6th and 7th period, I drink as much water as I can because I will use the bathroom at home after these classes end. The fact that I have to arrange the amount and time I drink water is ridiculous. Two students didn’t use the bathroom because they couldn’t afford to spend a pass and was denied the right. One student said she’s been holding it in. The reason for this is bathroom passses, in her physics class, are worth five percent extra credit.

A student in my Spanish class wasn’t allowed to go the bathroom. The teacher said she doesn’t allow students to go 20 minutes before class ends. Two students did not go to the bathroom for two different reasons; they were saving their bathroom passes or was denied the right. Teachers should allow students to go to the bathroom whenever they want. They shouldn’t have bathroom passes.

These limit how many times a student can go. A student can run out of them or save them for extra credit. In the end, they won’t take a trip to the bathroom. By destroying bathroom passes, a student will be able to not think twice about going to the restroom. It won’t cost them anything. Students should go to the bathroom whenever they want.

Students shouldn’t be denied the right to go twenty minutes before class ends. Students shouldn’t have to save their bathroom passes for any reason. Bathroom passes should be banned. Also, I don’t want to be arranging time for myself to drink water so I can go to the bathroom at a specific time. When nature calls, other students and I should be able to answer.