Needs vs Wants

America, 1700. The people lead a simple life that is inhibited by their lack of technology.

They work hard on their farms to earn their nominal remuneration. Their lives are not easy but they get by without complaining. They only use resources when it is integral to their survival. Now fast forward 300 years to modern times. America is now filled with want. Placards are up everywhere throughout the cities advertising things that people want.

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The majority of people have the basic necessities of life, yet still want more. Nowadays people are seeking to increase their status in society through greed. They no longer have the need for certain things, yet buy them anyways because they want to. Colleges are another large source of this want. To get into a prestigious school is considered a great accomplishment, but for most jobs it is not necessary. You do not have to go to Harvard to become successful. Other schools can get you to exactly where you want to go for even cheaper. Being able to put “Harvard Grad” on your resume may be nice, but is not necessary. People today are spending money incoherently to acquire things that they want. One of the main causes for this has been the vast increase in technology that has become available to the common person. While this change may have occurred fortuitously, it has changed the way people view material possessions.

Things such as iPods and others of that ilk have become things that people want but do not need. This technological advancement has us confused on what we consider necessities in life.