The Robot Kids


The expectations within educations are unruly. Everyone expects us to be the best. But in all truth, that’s pretty hard if you’re competing with robots. No, seriously I really think some people replaced there kids with robots. Everything those kids do is planned for an advantage not an interest.

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For example, I play Guitar because I love music. The other girl plays piano to be well-rounded. Even after complaining to her mother for months she still has to do it until senior year. These extracurriculars are just as much a part of education as math. Now everyone realizes that you can’t just have a 4.

2 to get into Harvard. As time to pick next year’s courses rolls around, it’s time to be loaded with AP classes and honors because CP1 is a disgrace. How have our school system allowed kids to think regular classes are bad because regular is average. But no one wants to be average anymore.

Parents pushed their kids to the breaking points. Whatever happened to just being a kid? I guess we all can just be kids right after we get our PHD’s at Harvard. Super. Expectations are built upon a super-human kid. That adds so much pressure to the kid and for what? – The chance to get into a prestigious college.

But you could be just as happy somewhere else. Education shouldn’t push kids to their breaking point, but encourage them to learn more. All that’s expected is to memorize, but there are thing so much more important. Education is a stepping stone to further you later in life. Who cares if you can memorize a list of polyatomic ions! There’s no list you can memorize to stop Global Warming or to rebuilt Haiti.