Neon Converses and Polkadot leggings

Neon converses, polka dot leggings, and a navy blazer from the thrift shop down the street. Dressed in my idea of a perfect outfit, I haul my backpack over my shoulder and walk confidently up to school. Today is the day I have been campaigning for-today is the day I read my election speech for SGA president in front of the school. This is the day that I step up to the podium in my 2nd layer of skin and proclaim “Listen up High School, I have something to say!”.

I could have dressed like a politician today, clad in a full on suit with shiny mary janes, but predictability is not my style, and I just would not feel comfortable. As I step into the auditorium, it is obvious that I stand out like a sore thumb. My neon converses beckon the students to stare as my polka dots make them question the girl inside, who they do not know is full of surprises. I soak in the feeling of curiosity and develop an ego boost. I am mysterious, but not for long.

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They have seen me on the outside but as soon as I read my speech and spill out my personality from the inside, there will be no mystery. Though I am dressed in my comfort fitting shoes that I have had since middle school, my polka dots reflect that I am not afraid to stay true to myself or take a risk, like the risk I took running for SGA president. But I am not afraid to try something new, and the formal blazer above is my indication that I am serious and can be taken seriously. I approach the stadium confidently in my second dermis, I am myself, I am unstoppable, and the election is mine.