New Horizons

Do you know what happened on July 14, 2015? Well if you don’t know that was the day that New Horizons spacecraft made it pluto it launched on January 19, 2006. Yeah, for some people it was stupid and a big waste of money, but for the people at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) who were a part of this mission that is a big accomplishment.

This could enhance a big part of your life because of stuff they found out one mission maybe eventually in the future the will find how to make the journey faster and a way to have oxygen in the air for people to try to make it all the way there. People watched the event on the roof of auditorium and were watching what the New Horizons was seeing. I feel that New Horizons was useful cause what if you found something extraordinary like maybe they found something that could be a cure for cancer,maybe they learned that pluto had people living on it maybe it didn’t work for our bodies but maybe it works for them and maybe these “people” were more advanced than we are they have not released any thing except 1 single photo. NASA released the first ever close up of pluto on July 16, 2015. The price to send the New Horizons spacecraft was 700 million now to most that would be really really expensive but could you really put a price on what you may discover or achieve on the mission. There was a total of 7 cameras on the New Horizons a few of them where Ralph,Rex and Lorri.

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Ralph was a infrared camera that could tell if objects are hot or cold, Rex measures atmospheric composition and temperature and Lorri is a telescopic camera and can tell data from long distances. Well no matter who reads this you might like it you might not but no matter your life might have changed because of this mission so i would be thankful to be living also remember this This big of an accomplishment may never be done again Thank you for reading my essay