New Study Hall

Intervention study hall is a new class assigned to kids who have been struggling with their grades. It’s a one period class every other day where there are four to five students in each class, with one teacher. At the beginning of class, the teacher checks each student’s assignment notebooks to make sure they have filled them out. After, the teacher checks each student’s Skyward and makes sure they are up- to-date with their assignments.

Once that is done, the students have the rest of the time to study with a few added rules. You can’t use any ipods or cell phones, and you must be working on some kind of school work. If you have no homework or missing work, then you must read silently. After every nine week grading period, the teachers will evaluate you. If you have 90% of your homework handed in and no D’s or F’s in any classes, then you will be allowed to go back to normal study hall. Being a student in the intervention study hall, It benefits me in a positive way.

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It gives me time to get work done in a quiet, non disruptive, atmosphere. If I was in regular study hall, I would sit there and talk to my friends the whole time. If I ever need help with any of my homework, they will send me to the library where a tutor can help me. Although most kids take advantage of the help they are receiving, there are a few who don’t which brings me to my next point. Kids are the one’s who are responsible for their grades, not anyone else.

Parents can ground their kids and yell at their kids, teachers can offer all the help in the world, but until the kid decides they want to do better in school, there’s really nothing any outside source could do.