Nine or Twelve?

Nine months of school or twelve? That is a common question in today’s society. We think that it is normal for children to have the summer off so that the family can go on vacation.

That is not the reason why we had nine months of school in the first place. Children in the 1800s had to work in the fields and tend to the harvest. But how about now? We don’t have fields that need care. This is the twenty-first century! Most students are used to having June, July, and August off. Research proves that family vacations, child care, and daily living are disrupted because of the change in the school routine.

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Surprisingly, this also affects society and could cause a drastic change in American lifestyle. Children have been seen to learn more academically within a nine month period that in a full year. It is not likely that students in “year-round” schools learn more than students in traditional nine-month schools. Summer break is divided into little tracks throughout the twelve month school year instead of it all being summed up in three months. This may be the reason why more than 1% of student learn less in the year-round time frame than in nine months. These are just a few of the reasons why you should allow your child to have to a nine-month long term.

Now it’s up to you whether or not to let your child learn year-round or not.